NFL Consulting

Welcome potential NFL Consulting clients. At we employ a refined and calculated approach to realizing bottom line profit in Sports Gaming most especially the NFL.  We’ve realized bottom line Profitability privately for decades and publicly via for the last four years (the last two years results are displayed on our webpage’s ‘Profitability’ Tab) as we run our Gaming strictly as a profit earning business.

Our approach is simple: We fire from a rifle as opposed to a shotgun regarding profitable NFL gaming. We do not offer our service by the game, the day or the week for we encourage a long term approach which over time provides profitability. We target Investors that may not have the time to conduct appropriate research but do have a temperament for the benefits that WINNING Sports Gaming delivers. We do not win every wager we release but we do realize bottom line profit over the long run which is why our service requires a monthly commitment.  

2014 and 2015 results with win percentages, weekly profits and ROI are displayed for your review on our Profitability tab found at the top of the webpage. Further, each week all documented Client results are published in our Money Morning blog. This practice allows those who are interested in our service to review actual results prior to making a commitment for a four week run at NFL profitability.


We stand by our results…we provide all Clients with at least the initial investment PLUS as return in the first monthly period or we’ll extend the initial period until your initial investment is recoupled plus profit.

NO service stands by their results like we do!  Again available this year are testimonials from some of last year’s Clients who return this year based on last year’s success. Testimonials are attached at the end of this document and we can deliver more client access to those requesting such.

-Our Service-

We limit Client relationships each year to a select few. Interested investors should feel free to contact me directly listed active clients for questions/input as Client contact info is available with the testimonial at the end of this page. We strive to completely satisfy those willing to utilize our expertise and in turn create a loyal Client base. Slow quality growth is the GambLou goal and Client profitability is THE single point of focus.

Client results are reviewed one on one each Monday so that as a team we are in complete control of investment amounts, current balances, upcoming positions and bottom line profitability. Our service runs for four NFL weeks which has been appropriate time for us to show our aptitude at NFL gaming and allows Clients to feel comfortable as they watch us operate to provide profitability. It’s business after all. Our consulting fee for the initial 4 week period is $500.00. This covers all NFL activity (as well the college positions we release via the Legendary Math Model which are always gratis). Those Clients signing up in August also receive all Future positions (we provide those without charge once the subscription is received) and any games of the (GOY) year we have selected from the schedule. Last year Clients profited handsomely over their weekly NFL profits once our GOY and Future positions cashed. We plan more of the same this August

The Facts:

Because we remain supremely selective our win percentages have always hovered around the 60% mark and one glance at our archives will display this. Our method involves intense Due Diligence, Supreme Selectivity with releases and precision money management that together provide our clients with bottom line profitability.

2014 NFL results (regular season and playoffs):  +$13,100.00 52-37 (58.43%, 13.47% ROI)

2015 NFL results (regular season and playoffs):  +$21,800.00 53-31 (63.1%, 23.54% ROI)

2016 NFL Results (regular season and playoffs):  + $9,500.00 40-27 (59.70% 12.86%ROI)

High win percentages enable us to make aggressive moves with regard to buying off or through key numbers. We play middle positions when it is advantageous, we work money lines (especially in the playoffs) in order to enhance the bottom line and we utilize the 6pt. -110 teaser in aggressive fashion.

Our Pledge:

Any client choosing to utilize our service may expect the following:

- 2 to 5 total positions per week which equates to anywhere from 8 to 14 positions total for the initial month (we average about 4 releases per week) so profitability must be your goal not ‘action’.
- Personal access to me throughout the week via E mail and phone if requested. We interact with each client each Monday to update figures and account to the penny. We often invest aggressively early in the NFL week in order to obtain line advantage over the gaming market. This provides us middle opportunities and other value enhancing maneuvers we actively employ to derive bottom line.
- We attend the Tuesday Meeting in Las Vegas (for years) with fellow professional Las Vegas handicappers (both private and public) on a regular basis to network and discuss profitable positions in an open forum. This form of due diligence is highly relevant and it is for our Client’s benefit. The proof is in the results!
- NFL Futures positions are provided to clients with a subscription which means joining in early August will allow you to gain access to any and all Future wagers and games of the year that we release. Last year we had the Futures and Games of the Year (GOY) that added to Client profits.
- Clients must have their own resources with which to invest. Clients must have the ability to buy half and full points and your outlet must accept 6pt two team teasers at -110 (tie is a tie). It also should be stated that Clients should be able to play each release at a minimum of $1,100.00 per release (we do work with Clients who choose to begin at $550.00 per release for a year and allow them to earn their way through the season until they feel comfortable enough to increase their unit amount).  All $550.00 clients from 2016  return this year as full unit players for the trust has been established. We work well with Clients that understand our approach to Profitable Sports Gaming is strictly business. We track each release and keep specific records of all Client transactions, balances and progress then update each Monday one on one.
- It must be understood that we are specifically a consulting service. We do not take wagers nor do we condone anything that may be construed as illegal. Our services are consultative based and focused toward an educated, refined Investor.

- Further questions or issues may be addressed with us personally as we pride ourselves on tailoring our service to client needs. We offer consulting on a highly professional level for people who take their gaming seriously. Those that wish to create a relationship with us will be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner.
To review last year’s Client testimonials please see below and if there are further issues you wish to discuss with us directly please reach out. We can be reached at lou@gambLou, and @GambLou on Twitter.


From Andrew Schmeltz:

Just writing this first sentence, I’m already getting excited for the upcoming NFL schedule and another season working with GambLou. I had tried other football services, most leaving me disappointed with their results and/or actions, and swearing I would never fall for the pitch again. With life changes, I found myself no longer having the time to fully digest all that the NFL requires and thinking of venturing back into the services I swore off years prior. Luckily, I stumbled upon GambLou somewhere along the roads of the internet and have experienced zero regrets.

WARNING: GambLou did NOT go 80-15…but guess what, no one really does. There were even some losing weeks…but that’s going to happen. By the way, there is also no Monday Night 100 STAR BOMB to chase the week into a false winner or plays on every kickoff just for action. What I did experience, was realistic year-end profitability with my money management in mind. From the “GambLou Assurance”, where nothing further is asked unless your showing a profit above your investment, to routine contact from Lou himself, giving an update for the weekend ahead or answering questions I may have had, my expectations were met and exceeded. Football services are not for everyone…hell, I’m not even sure they are for me. What I am sure of is that I’m coming back for another year with Lou, and not thinking twice about it.
@iuschmeltz on Twitter

From Scott Alan:

I paid GambLou for his service last year and did not actually make positions on his releases until October which was a huge mistake on my part because I left plenty of profit on the table. Once he kicked me in the butt and I got on board I did nothing but win money. Sure I had a week or two when I had to pay the man but I ended up realizing that there is no way I am waiting this year. My money is in and I await his Future plays and GOY releases. He says it’s business and it is.
Scott Alan (e mail available upon request from Lou)

From Joe Finocchiaro

(Joe is my nephew and has been with me for years) My Uncle Lou wins at football. I invest aggressively in the NFL and I would not begin to address the NFL wagering without GambLou’s advice and wisdom. If you know how this Gaming world works, have some gaming experience but not enough time to properly handicap the NFL and want a reputable, honest handicapper that does what he says and sticks to his word then you need to give Lou your allegiance. He WILL earn your trust.
@Joefino15 on twitter

From Drew Regan:

Uncle Louie - I would like to thank you for all of the knowledge and winners you've given me over the past few years. What I've learned utmost from you is your "dog" theory - which by the way, I first heard you talk about in 1979! Yes sir, you were on it back then. You told me, with so many college and pro games on the board - the books are underestimating SOMEONE - so go find that one - or two or three games that are there! But do your "homework". I think you now call that "due diligence”. But it is so, so true! Best of all about you is your character - you stand up to your results and you never ever run and hide from them rather few produce the kind of NFL results I have watched you produce for decades now. I appreciate the knowledge that you've shared with me and I will continue ride your coat tails to profitability.
@Drewshoo on Twitter

Other Client references available upon request