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The Greatest Show on Dirt

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A wright of passage for any young Omahan is to attend the CWS yearly as I did from diapers through college and into my professional life. In fact, in 1980 when I was a sophomore at Arizona, the Wildcats from the University of Arizona arrived in Omaha to compete in and eventually win the college baseball championship! My yearly capping of this event began then!

I’ve owned season tickets since and attend this outstanding event as often as possible. This Tourney is in my blood. My understanding of the stadium, it’s location, and the nuances of this bracketed tournament provide me advantage from the many simply handicapping college hardball teams.

Passion for college baseball is growing as fast as the CWS tournament itself and its regional/super regional qualifiers are growing in popularity also. My CWS package does include releases for the Regionals and Super Regionals though I try to keep those releases to a minimum with some Future positions added.

The due diligence I conduct and have accrued over the decades for this Tournament situates me in an ideal position to recognize teams that will make deep runs to Omaha.  I use daily wagers throughout the duration of the 12-day tournament to pad overall profitability and I relih in holding future winning tickets each tournament.

Omaha’s College World Series, The greatest show on dirt!

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2023 CWS final results: 16-22 +3.13u 8% ROI (+157)