Passion has a season and it’s called the Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Welcome to the GambLou coverage of the NHL Stanley Cup Tournament, a tourney I have been investing in for years and one I regard as the greatest Tournament in the history of sport. This blood Tournament is about eight weeks long and offers rich wagering opportunities each year.

In order to derive profit from the NHL playoffs, I utilize regular season data to project advantage into the playoff season. I have established fundamentals based on current regular season data that I rely upon then couple that with decades of NHL Cup wagering experience to derive advantage.

Understanding team strengths beginning from the goal out as well knowledge of the brackets for each conference are fundamental contributors in deriving profit from this event. Forty some years of tournament wagering provides me a unique perspective on teams that the data and my gut tell me are poised to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup.

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2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs results:   55-47 +25.20u +29% ROI (+131)

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