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Welcome to the GambLou NFL consulting page. Please read below for specifics and thank you for your interest.

I employ a matriculated, calculated, businesslike approach to realizing bottom line profit in NFL investing.  I’ve been running a business that has realized profitability in NFL wagering for decades and have been serving select clients in NFL wagering since 2012.

My approach is simple, I ‘narrow focus to increase expertise’ which means that I limit my investing into only four sports. This specialization of sports allows me to profit in each, more importantly the approach is client serving.

Today’s most successful physicians, attorneys, real estate professionals, accountants, sales forces employ professionals specialized for the immediate task at hand. Offering clients specialized expertise is how to service the client in today’s business world.

The expertise I specialize in is NFL wagering.

The Goal

I target a more refined/experienced player, one who may not have time to undertake the extensive research required to operate one’s own Profitable Sports Gaming NFL business but one who desires to profit from NFL wagering.

The Service

I do not win every wager I but I do realize bottom line profit over the long run which is why I offer only a monthly membership to any potential Client.  I limit Client relationships to a select few because I track/record to the penny each release, the lines given, the amounts wagered, and the money earned…. everything is meticulously tracked and shared with the client every Tuesday AM.

This process has allowed me to completely satisfy those willing to utilize my expertise. I’m a communicator so it’s important to maintain constant contact with all clients and monitor profitability.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for one month of consulting is $500.00. This covers four weeks of NFL activity. For those that sign up early in August the membership also includes all future wagers and season win totals.

My Pledge

This is the foundation of my service…if I’ve not earned any client the initial cost of the membership fee PLUS return in their first monthly period, the period automatically extends until one’s initial investment is recoupled and a return is realized.

I operate in this fashion because I’m confident in the process as well it’s important to insure my client’s profitability.

Any client that chooses to utilize this membership may expect the following:

  • 2 to 6 positions per week which equates to anywhere from 8 to 18 positions total for the initial month.
  • Personal access to me throughout the week understanding that I often invest early week when the NFL lines break.
  • I network with bookmakers, professional handicappers and those reporting on the gaming business as a matter of habit and what I learn is deployed for your benefit.
  • I request any potential Client has their own ability to invest in these games with an outlet that will accept 6-point two team teasers. Teasers sometimes need to be found offshore or with locals so having resources to wager is important. Many of the lines, totals, props and futures released will be available on sites easy to access like DraftKings, FanDuel etc.
  • It must be understood that I offer consulting. I do not take wagers nor do I condone anything that is illegal.
  • My services are premium priced, professional and tailored for the educated investor.
  • Further questions or issues may be addressed personally.
  • I can be reached at, and @GambLou on Twitter.


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