“I am flattered to present these testimonials (in no particular order) from professionals inside/outside/within the Gaming Industry that I regard as dear friends and close allies.
Thanks goes out to each one of these fine people! “- Lou

Lou knows his stuff. He puts in the work and has many serious insider contacts that he networks with constantly. His opinions are always factored into my decision model.

-Anthony Curtis
Las Vegas Advisor

What you will like about Lou is he’s primarily an underdog player and dogs are a betting man’s best friend.
‘The Phoenix Fight Doctor’ is one of the few I trust for UFC advice. Lou’s a good NFL handicapper, he’s also a ‘puckhead’ who’s sharp with hockey, and the old man’s passion for Omaha and the College World Series is unmatched.

Matt Youmans
Editor & Host VSiN (Vegas Stats and Information Network)

Lou is a proven winner, a consummate professional and an invaluable contributor to the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s sports betting coverage.

– Todd Dewey
Sports Editor Las Vegas Review Journal

Lou ‘GambLou’ Finocchiaro is absolutely my go to guy for the UFC. As a Sportsbook Director, I lean on his expertise every week. Simply the best!!!!

-Tony Miller
Sportsbook Director Golden Nugget

As my go to source for exceptional UFC handicapping insight, Lou delivers transparency and integrity to the sports betting industry!

James Salinas
Professional handicapper; contest slayer

I have hosted a sports betting show since 2002 and have been betting on sports since 1982. I Have had thousands of guests on my programs over the years and Lou is as passionate, hardworking and prepared as we have met. He loves what he does and it shows!!!

– Gabriel Morency

Lou does a tremendous job of explaining his handicapping and the thinking behind his releases. He also always puts the bettor first in giving advice.

– Bill Adee
Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Vegas Stats and Information Network; VSiN

I’ve known Lou for 15 years. He has always been transparent, honorable & is authentic. He truly cares about process, accountability & results. Never resting on his laurels, he is always demonstrating the ability to adapt within the constant changes seen in the betting arena. He’s not only someone I respect as a handicapper, he’s someone I am pleased to have as a friend.

Cris Zeniuk
(LasVegasCris) Professional sports handicapper and renowned Las Vegas contest dominator.

Lou is just like the beasts he handicaps in the octagon. He is incredibly thorough and meticulous, understanding the impact his analysis has on the market and followers. His professional and responsible approach, along with his acumen, are a rare combination.

Doug Kezirian
ESPN Daily Wager

Lou Finocchiaro, aka “GambLou” has been a fan favorite on my show whenever he joins as a guest. His common-sense, logical approach to game analysis and strategy is always structured in a way that is informative and entertaining. He provides analytical analysis to support his observations. Lou is always welcome and the conversations are very enjoyable!

– Bernie Fratto
FoxSportsRadio National Show Host “The Bernie Fratto Show”

NFL Clientele Testimonials

I’ve been a serious sports investor for the past 15 years. I discovered Lou listening to another well-respected football handicapper several years ago. Lou is excellent at what he does. He has an art to his handicapping that one must experience to fully appreciate. He works diligently to turn a profit and is a man of high integrity in a profession with many fakes and phonies. Lou is in my top three most trusted advisors when it comes to sports investing. Highly recommend.

– Bow Tie King

I’ve been a client of Lou’s NFL consulting for like five years now. I keep coming back because Lou continues to beat the NFL and I continue to earn and learn!

– Mike G.
Phoenix, AZ

“I have worked with Lou for some time now.  What I appreciate most is his transparency, accountability and knowledge from decades of experience.  He does not promise unrealistic results.  He is someone I trust.  No fluff.  Instead, you get selectivity and proper money management in an attempt to consistently grind profits.  He is not high volume and I very much appreciate that.  His approach is centered on sustaining long-term profitability and that aligns with my sports wagering style.”

– Patrick A.

I work the other side of the counter from Lou as I am a professional bookmaker.
I grew up with Lou and have known him since childhood. Just like I was born to make book, Lou was made to invest into sports. Since just past grade school we’ve shared insight/information and to this day we continue to network on a regular basis.
Lou has thrived in this industry for over four decades and he’s refined his skills each and every season. Lou’s preparation, his strict adherence to remaining selective in releases and his years of experience make him a most qualified NFL, UFC, NHL handicapper.

– “Mr. Rooney”
Omaha, Ne

I’ve known Lou for 40+ years – and one thing he has taught me was the importance of “due diligence” which he mentions frequently.
Unlike most, if not all, of the prognosticators out there in the market today – Lou publishes his record of plays – he stands by his plays!  And he is a winner!  His relentless search for an “angle” on any type of action, MMA, College football, NFL – he does his homework.  But the best thing he taught me was about “dogs” – and how that is the best way to find “value” – which he mentions frequently in his writings.
And he told me this 40 years ago!
Look at the college football board for example – “there’s a solid dog out there man – there are 60+ spreads out there and there is a dog hiding”.  So true – and I have been a ‘dog’ seeker ever since.  Lou does his homework – and it clearly shows.
No, he doesn’t slay the makers every week – but he will take his lumps then move on to the next opportunity – with more confidence on his next action.
Lou is an honest gambler – if that makes any sense.  I have made money for 40+ years because working with him because of his – outlook? – attitude? – whatever you want to call it – it has worked for me.  Thank you, Lou,

– Drew R.
New Orleans