Welcome to GambLou - 5/28/2016

GambLou.com: Profitable Sports Gaming

Today marks the introduction of the New GambLou platform.  As you can see our look has changed and our approach to offering readers Profitable Sports Gaming releases will be modified also. 

This week’s UFC FN 88 card will be the final card we will offer in its entirety free and without cost.  For the last three plus years we’ve been treating our readers to profitable UFC results but that just can’t continue.  Starting next week single UFC cards will be available for $27.50 per card.  Enthusiasts that have come to trust us will see that we offer discounts when purchasing a series of five or more cards.  Those packages come with discounted rates and ‘GambLou Assurance’ which tracks Client positions (based on our standard 100.00 per wager) and provides an extra card should the purchaser not profit above their investment after the term of the purchase.   

The GambLou webpage will always display lifetime results, win percentages and ROI in each Profitable Sports Gaming season we work:  the UFC (2014 on), Playoff Hockey (2016) and the NFL (2014 on).  GambLou will offer the College World Series (CWS) this year as we have in past years for that is a passion of mine since I was a kid in Omaha attending each year.  Eventually we’ll bring in reputable, respected and ethical handicappers that share our basic philosophies (profit) to work the sports we do not. 

Our dynamic results are based on ‘specialization in sport’ and we plan to bring this platform of Profitable Sports Gaming to any Enthusiasts who understand that this is a business and the grind is 24/7.  No successful businesses may exist without dynamic Due Diligence, Supreme Selectivity and precision Money Management.  These foundations for successful have been imported by us into Sports Gaming and the result is profit.    

It’s understood in today’s MODERN professional handicapping community that no handicapper can PROFITABLY work every sport.  The decade’s old, tired format where an individual goes from one season, to the next, into the next is antiquated, ineffective and represents an age old platform that benefits the handicapper as opposed to the player.  We take the Players perspective and provide gaming Enthusiasts with profitability in only the specialized sporting events we are passionate about.

At GambLou we’re motivated by providing client profitability as opposed to running though clients to insure our profitability. 

GambLou is a consulting service that provides bottom line profit to the client over a long term period.  If you want to make a million overnight we may not be your site but if you are willing to matriculate profit over a long period of time you will find our platform worthy of your consideration.  Upon request we can make Gamblou Clients from 2014 on in the NFL available for testimonials on our profitability and professionalism if any would like to undertake that due diligence.


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Inaugural GambLou post - 5/6/2016

Welcome Enthusiasts to the new look of GambLou.com.  We've been grinding like madmen in order to get our new website and Mobile App up and running in order to serve our clients most efficiently.  As always we're striving for a professional look but our focus is and always will continue to be proponents of Profitable Sports Gaming.