UFC Fox Gastelum vs. Weidman: "Crazy Janey & Submission man.." - 7/22/2017

Welcome fight enthusiasts to UFC Fox.  Selectivity remains the focus with today’s card knowing that the goal is to matriculate bottom line from today’s card then prepare to invest it into next week’s UFC 214 slate.  We plan our work and work our plan and with favorites waltzing in the UFC this year we'll continue to be very diligent with our releases. 

2017 UFC favorites:  158-58-11 which is 69.6%.  We're treading lightly until we witness more dog derivatives delivering.  

2017 Gamblou.com:  27-38  41.54%  +5.93u  +10.93 ROI

-Let’s Fight-

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we are active with is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment data while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Rivera -175 vs. Almeida +165

Rivera is a wrestling based fighter who’s steadily improved since his arrival to the UFC.  He’s defeated competent fighters in impressive fashion and tonight is treated by being able to perform in front of his home state fans against one dangerous opponent.  Thomas Almeida, a southpaw will sport advantage in size, length/reach and youth.  That said Almeida can be wild, unprecise and open defensively.  Almeida was exposed by Garbrandt two back and off the stepping stone victory over Morales in his last is primed to provide a top effort tonight.  Almeida who opened +100 is dangerous and provided he can keep this standing we feel he could surprise in this spot.  Rivera struggled with his weight cut weighing in last and barely under the limit. There’s value with the Brazilian.

Almeida +165 

Kelleher -220 vs. Vera +200

Kelleher a decent dog in his last is now the one with the chalk next to his name.  While the grappling based fighter looked great in his last (Alcantara) and fights in front of the home state fans his opponent Vera may be getting a bit overlooked.  Vera, the longer, taller, younger fighter is on the improve and just returned from a fight in which he pitched the fork in Pickett over sea’s.  Vera must keep this standing and Kelleher at the end of those long limbs. 

Vera +200 (half)


Profitable Sports Gaming

2017 NFL Consulting - 7/17/2017

Welcome potential NFL Consulting clients. At GambLou.com we employ a refined and calculated approach to realizing bottom line profit in Sports Gaming most especially the NFL.  We’ve realized bottom line Profitability privately for decades and publicly via GambLou.com for the last four years (the last two years results are displayed on our webpage’s ‘Profitability’ Tab) as we run our Gaming strictly as a profit earning business.

Our approach is simple: We fire from a rifle as opposed to a shotgun regarding profitable NFL gaming. We do not offer our service by the game, the day or the week for we encourage a long term approach which over time provides profitability. We target Investors that may not have the time to conduct appropriate research but do have a temperament for the benefits that WINNING Sports Gaming delivers. We do not win every wager we release but we do realize bottom line profit over the long run which is why our service requires a monthly commitment.  

2014 and 2015 results with win percentages, weekly profits and ROI are displayed for your review on our Profitability tab found at the top of the GambLou.com webpage. Further, each week all documented Client results are published in our Money Morning blog. This practice allows those who are interested in our service to review actual results prior to making a commitment for a four week run at NFL profitability.


We stand by our results…we provide all Clients with at least the initial investment PLUS as return in the first monthly period or we’ll extend the initial period until your initial investment is recoupled plus profit.

NO service stands by their results like we do!  Again available this year are testimonials from some of last year’s Clients who return this year based on last year’s success. Testimonials are attached at the end of this document and we can deliver more client access to those requesting such.

-Our Service-

We limit Client relationships each year to a select few. Interested investors should feel free to contact me directly listed active clients for questions/input as Client contact info is available with the testimonial at the end of this page. We strive to completely satisfy those willing to utilize our expertise and in turn create a loyal Client base. Slow quality growth is the GambLou goal and Client profitability is THE single point of focus.

Client results are reviewed one on one each Monday so that as a team we are in complete control of investment amounts, current balances, upcoming positions and bottom line profitability. Our service runs for four NFL weeks which has been appropriate time for us to show our aptitude at NFL gaming and allows Clients to feel comfortable as they watch us operate to provide profitability. It’s business after all. Our consulting fee for the initial 4 week period is $500.00. This covers all NFL activity (as well the college positions we release via the Legendary Math Model which are always gratis). Those Clients signing up in August also receive all Future positions (we provide those without charge once the subscription is received) and any games of the (GOY) year we have selected from the schedule. Last year Clients profited handsomely over their weekly NFL profits once our GOY and Future positions cashed. We plan more of the same this August

-The Facts-

Because we remain supremely selective our win percentages have always hovered around the 60% mark and one glance at our archives will display this. Our method involves intense Due Diligence, Supreme Selectivity with releases and precision Money Management that together provide our clients with bottom line profitability.

2014 NFL results (regular season and playoffs):  +$13,100.00 52-37 (58.43%, 13.47% ROI)

2015 NFL results (regular season and playoffs):  +$21,800.00 53-31 (63.1%, 23.54% ROI)

2016 NFL Results (regular season and playoffs):  + $9,500.00 40-27 (59.70% 12.86%ROI)

(all based on 1100.00 per wager)

High win percentages enable us to make aggressive moves with regard to buying off or through key numbers. We play middle positions when it is advantageous, we work money lines (especially in the playoffs) in order to enhance the bottom line and we utilize the 6pt. -110 teaser in aggressive fashion.

-Our Pledge-

Any client choosing to utilize our service may expect the following:

- 2 to 5 total positions per week which equates to anywhere from 8 to 14 positions total for the initial month (we average about 4 releases per week) so profitability must be your goal not ‘action’.
- Personal access to me throughout the week via E mail and phone if requested. We interact with each client each Monday to update figures and account to the penny. We often invest aggressively early in the NFL week in order to obtain line advantage over the gaming market. This provides us middle opportunities and other value enhancing maneuvers we actively employ to derive bottom line.
- We attend the Tuesday Meeting in Las Vegas (for years) with fellow professional Las Vegas handicappers (both private and public) on a regular basis to network and discuss profitable positions in an open forum. This form of due diligence is highly relevant and it is for our Client’s benefit. The proof is in the results!
- NFL Futures positions are provided to clients with a subscription which means joining in early August will allow you to gain access to any and all Future wagers and games of the year that we release. Last year we had the Futures and Games of the Year (GOY) that added to Client profits.
- Clients must have their own resources with which to invest. Clients must have the ability to buy half and full points and your outlet must accept 6pt two team teasers at -110 (tie is a tie). It also should be stated that Clients should be able to play each release at a minimum of $1,100.00 per release (we do work with Clients who choose to begin at $550.00 per release for a year and allow them to earn their way through the season until they feel comfortable enough to increase their unit amount).  All $550.00 clients from 2016 return this year as full unit players for the trust has been established. We work well with Clients that understand our approach to Profitable Sports Gaming is strictly business. We track each release and keep specific records of all Client transactions, balances and progress then update each Monday one on one.
- It must be understood that we are specifically a consulting service. We do not take wagers nor do we condone anything that may be construed as illegal. Our services are consultative based and focused toward an educated, refined Investor.

- Further questions or issues may be addressed with us personally as we pride ourselves on tailoring our service to client needs. We offer consulting on a highly professional level for people who take their gaming seriously. Those that wish to create a relationship with us will be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner.
To review last year’s Client testimonials please see below and if there are further issues you wish to discuss with us directly please reach out. We can be reached at lou@gambLou, and @GambLou on Twitter.


From Andrew Schmeltz:

Just writing this first sentence, I’m already getting excited for the upcoming NFL schedule and another season working with GambLou. I had tried other football services, most leaving me disappointed with their results and/or actions, and swearing I would never fall for the pitch again. With life changes, I found myself no longer having the time to fully digest all that the NFL requires and thinking of venturing back into the services I swore off years prior. Luckily, I stumbled upon GambLou somewhere along the roads of the internet and have experienced zero regrets.

WARNING: GambLou did NOT go 80-15…but guess what, no one really does. There were even some losing weeks…but that’s going to happen. By the way, there is also no Monday Night 100 STAR BOMB to chase the week into a false winner or plays on every kickoff just for action. What I did experience, was realistic year-end profitability with my money management in mind. From the “GambLou Assurance”, where nothing further is asked unless your showing a profit above your investment, to routine contact from Lou himself, giving an update for the weekend ahead or answering questions I may have had, my expectations were met and exceeded. Football services are not for everyone…hell, I’m not even sure they are for me. What I am sure of is that I’m coming back for another year with Lou, and not thinking twice about it.
@iuschmeltz on Twitter

From Scott Alan:

I paid GambLou for his service last year and did not actually make positions on his releases until October which was a huge mistake on my part because I left plenty of profit on the table. Once he kicked me in the butt and I got on board I did nothing but win money. Sure I had a week or two when I had to pay the man but I ended up realizing that there is no way I am waiting this year. My money is in and I await his Future plays and GOY releases. He says it’s business and it is.
Scott Alan (e mail available upon request from Lou)

From Joe Finocchiaro

(Joe is my nephew and has been with me for years) My Uncle Lou wins at football. I invest aggressively in the NFL and I would not begin to address the NFL wagering without GambLou’s advice and wisdom. If you know how this Gaming world works, have some gaming experience but not enough time to properly handicap the NFL and want a reputable, honest handicapper that does what he says and sticks to his word then you need to give Lou your allegiance. He WILL earn your trust.
@Joefino15 on twitter

From Drew Regan:

Uncle Louie - I would like to thank you for all of the knowledge and winners you've given me over the past few years. What I've learned utmost from you is your "dog" theory - which by the way, I first heard you talk about in 1979! Yes sir, you were on it back then. You told me, with so many college and pro games on the board - the books are underestimating SOMEONE - so go find that one - or two or three games that are there! But do your "homework". I think you now call that "due diligence”. But it is so, so true! Best of all about you is your character - you stand up to your results and you never ever run and hide from them rather few produce the kind of NFL results I have watched you produce for decades now. I appreciate the knowledge that you've shared with me and I will continue ride your coat tails to profitability.
@Drewshoo on Twitter

Other Client references available upon request


UFC FN Nelson vs. Ponzinibbio: Submission from Scotland - 7/13/2017

7-15-17 1:25pm EST

Felder +155

All comments below added 1:25pm.  

Felder lost his Father prior to this camp so there is deep driven motivation per his own words.  He opened -130 and now offers value in a true pick-em fight. 

7-13-17 4:20pm EST

Janes +390 (half)

We've lost a little value on Janes.  We like his length, the style of grappling he employs and the fact that he's off a loss . He should be a mutt but not +450!

Craig +180 (half)

This fight must move to the mat for Craig to be successful so where this fight takes place will determine who has advantage.

Calderwood +180 (half)

Jo-Jo appears to be a yo-yo. She missed weight today but looked relatively fresh at the second weigh-in appearance. holding our breath here.....

7-13-17 10:25am EST

Nelson -150

We grabbed Gunnar at the asolute best time -150 is 'getting the best of it'.  Now we need to have Nelson's hand raised in what we feel is going to be one hell of a competitve fight.


ProfitableSports Gaming

UFC 213 Romero vs. Whittaker: Whose belt is Bisping holding? - 7/8/2017

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to UFC 213.  Last night our sole release of the evening Drakkar Klose cashed as mangy +250 mutt.  Our plan to limit releases and bank profit into UFC 214 has started well.  Tonight’s task is a UFC 213 card where we also see value.  Selectivity will remain our guide but profit our goal. 

Favorites in the UFC 2107:  139-54-11   68.13%

These results have influenced our decision to remain selective with underdog releases until we can witness any form of correction. 

GambLou.com 2017 UFC results:  26-39   40% 

-Let’s Fight-

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we publicize is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Here's how we saw Nunes vs. Shevchenko posted prior tot he bout being cancelled.....

Santos -150 vs. Meerschaert +140

‘Styles make fights’ as Angelo Dundee would chime and this fight typifies the adage.  Santos is a striking based fighter who unleashes ferocious power and who has faced more capable competition.  In this fight, he’ll own the stand-up advantage without question.  He’ll work to keep his opponent at distance so he can unleash his violent kicking and striking attack.  Meerschaert’s strength in MMA is grappling/wrestling so he’ll need to eventually get inside the pocket to force this fracas to the floor.  Meerschaert must use his size to control Santos and not allow Santos to fight in the pocket either by smothering the striker and pressing him up against the fence or clasping the brute to make this a grope on the ground.  Santos may have some issue with Meerschart’s size as well the style of fighter he is as witnessed by Santos’ upset loss to Eric Spicely. Meerschaert opened -190 and now can be had for +140. We’ll take that value.

Meerschaert +140

Nunes -110 vs. Schevchenko +100

This is a rematch of a three-round fight held in March of last year where Nunes displayed the ferocity of her ground game and striking for two rounds then tired and allowed Schevchenko to turn the tide late only to run out of time.  Since then each fighter has improved, with Nunes displaying awesome power and ferocity in her last couple of fights while Shevchenko battered Holly Holm then submitted Julianna Pena.  The Russian now challenges Nunes for the Bantamweight title in a five-round rematch. While it’s common to think that Nunes will pace herself more in this second bout we feel quite the opposite.  Nunes is known as a fast starter and the feel is that she’ll be even more aggressive and furious early in this fight.  Nunes is and always will be a fearless, ferocious fighter and we don’t feel you can take the ‘lion’ out of the lioness!  We do expect more ground game from Amanda tonight for she did use that to her advantage last fight even though she paid for that advantage as her conditioning failed her late.

Nunes, as Champion has had to deal with distractions, distractions that can only come to young talented athlete’s once they have achieved fame and begin to get a taste of life’s luxuries.  In Nunes case she has moved to Florida and now owns a home, car etc. She’s been generous with media opportunities and over the course of the last several months has been dealing with the stardom/fame of being Champion (ask Cain Velasquez how his first stint as Champion went).  It’s our belief that these potential impediments to a comprehensive fight camp coupled with a most focused hungry capable opponent may nullify Nunes nastiness tonight. 

Both women are incredible fighters but we give the focus, the conditioning advantage and the overall experience to Schevchenko as well as the hunger factor for she knows well that this is her best and perhaps only chance to wear the Woman’s Bantamweight belt.  Shevchenko while the smaller woman will be the more precise busy striker and we believe that the longer this fight goes the more advantage the Russian will reap. 

We announced Shevchenko +120 on VSiN a couple week ago when we presented the College World Series but feel current pricing of +100 is very fair.



Profitable Sports Gaming

TUF Finale Johnson vs. Gaethje: Redemption - 7/7/2017

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to the first of five fight cards occurring over the next fifteen days.  Our plan is to work backwards from Fight Night on the 22nd for we’ll regard this block of UFC events as one large card. Our goal is to limit liability today, release select positions for UFC 213 and the following Fight Night so we may focus budget and attention on the UFC 214 card July 29th.  We feel there is tremendous opportunity with UFC 214 and wish to haul momentum into that fight card.  At GambLou.com we rarely break the house for that is not the goal nor desire.  Rather, we ‘plan our work then work our plan’ and this month’s plan is to be able to flex profit for the month into a select few value positions in UFC 214 where the matchups are appealing.    

-Let’s Fight-

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we publicize is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

UFC Favorites  2017:   132-51-10 (as we track closing numbers) 68.3%.   

GambLou UFC 2017:     25-39    39.06%    +3.43 Units     +5.98 ROI

Diakiese -230 vs. Klose +210

This is a great match-up of two undefeated young up and coming prospects for the UFC.  Diakiese is an athletic, fast, flashy yet skilled striker who’s looked sensational in his first couple UFC fights.  He did struggle a few back and while he displayed some grit overcoming Frankie Perez he has not been pressed or even made to feel uncomfortable to date.  We believe Diakiese has not been tested by UFC caliber talent for Drakkar Klose is not Lucasz Sajewski. Klose is less athletic than his opponent and a more traditional wrestling based grinder whose single point of focus tonight must be to make this match a maul, a bully brawl and a grinding grope.  He’ll most likely look the slower more plodding man early in the fight but there is a method to the plan and it involves attrition…as in the affliction of.  Klose must press the athletic flashy fighter, make him effort every second and force him into and past seven grueling minutes to sap Diakiese’s spirit.  Klose must eventually clasp Diakiese, drag him down and wipe the mat with the striker testing his will and mettle.  The plan is set Klose must keep his focus and not allow himself to be frustrated early by the flash and the athleticism of his opponent.  He must eventually make this fight an ugly maul on the mat or up against the cage.  Fights often end of on the floor and if this one can get there we believe Klose will control the kid from the Congo and command this contest.

Klose +250 (7/4 release currently +210)

We’ll remain committed to this one release today and will have a full card available tomorrow.  We have two posted releases on our UFC 213 slate so pick that up for a pittance if you are looking for profit.


Profitable Sports Gaming

2017 College World Series: SEC Profitability - 6/14/2017

6-25-17 8:50am EST

College World Series finalists are established and the SEC rules this year.  LSU -170 vs. Florida +130 (Series) is opening price.  

GambLou.com Hardheaded hardball harlots hold LSU +410 and Florida +610 in the Futures market.  The 2017 CWS is basically completed for us now that we have both finalists diagnosed via Future wagers.  Tournament Profit is insured.  Enjoy the last series Enthusiasts. We'll post final profit numbers once the three game series between LSU and Florida is completed and perhaps offer a single game release if we feel there is a value position. 

6-24-17 10:30am EST

Here’s a College World Series update.

Odds to win CWS

OSU +170       Florida +255      LSU +265       TCU +345

GambLou hardball loyalists own LSU +410 and Florida +610 but each team must earn its way into the final series.  This is by far the closest and most competitive final four teams in the CWS that I can ever recall. 

While we own market advantage with LSU today they’ll need to use every bit of guile, grit and glue to remain competitive with a most complete Oregon State squad.  LSU has played five ballgames in the CWS in the last eight days which is hard on a college pitching staff.  Oregon State meanwhile is fully rested save for Thompson who hurled yesterday. The Beavers are a worthy chalk in this spot.

Tonight’s second game could be a down right pitching duel as each team will advance their Ace in a rematch of game one where the Gators Faedo (2.40 ERA) out dueled the Horned frogs Janczak (2.19 ERA).  Florida is rested and features a deep pitching staff but let’s recall that last year in this spot it was TCU that had the 2-0 tourney lead and got chopped by the Chanticleer’s who eventually went on to win it all.  TCU is focused, experienced and on a mission.  Those that don’t have the Futures we gave prior to this Tourney would be wise to holla at the Horned Frogs. 

For those of us riding the Tigers and Gator’s let’s protect ourselves in the instance that it all goes wrong today and the finals series is Beavers vs. Horned Frogs.

Parlay (half unit)

Beavers -145/Horned Frogs +125 (+2.80)

‘Swing it Easy’

6-23-17 2:20pm EST

Jake Thompson takes the ball for OSU so we will pass on the game and watch.  Hopefully LSU can take this side of the bracket into tomorrow.

6-23-17 11:30am PST

We're waiting to see who is on the hill for OSU....If Thompson starts it means we pass but if OSU gets greedy and starts any other hurler then he we'll look at Lange and Tigers as mangy Omaha mutt....check in prior to the drop of the puck!  We'll try to post here or if we're running we'll post any release on @Twitter.

6-22-17 6:55pm EST

TCU +150


Florida +140 released via @Twitter 6:50pm EST

6-19-17 10:45am EST

College World Series: No releases Monday

Daily releases 0-2

Futures:  LSU +410;  Florida +610

6-16-17 12pm EST

Welcome College Baseball fans to the 2017 CWS.  The final eight teams of the 64 seed NCAA Baseball Tournament are in Omaha, NE. to compete for the College Baseball Championship.  Here’s our breakdown of this outstanding event.

The Brackets

It’s important to understand the bracket set up for the College World Series.  One team in each bracket will win its first two contests.  That platoon is able to fully rest its pitching staff and spend time on the practice field while the other three teams in the bracket invest arms, and energy to survive and try to earn their way through said 2-0 team into the championship series.  Winning the first two games while not critical (both teams that started 2-0 last year did NOT make it into the Final series) is by far the preferred path to compete in the Final series.  


TD Ameritrade park is a cavernous ballpark that sits low next to the Missouri River.  Wind in the plains of Nebraska go from a light breeze to turbulent tornado in seconds.  No matter how hard wind may be blowing it comes in from the outfield straight into the hitter’s teeth.  A huge spacious outfield with wind blowing in is the norm.  Teams arriving in Omaha since 2011 have been forced to become more reliant on deep Pitching staffs, tight fielding, fleet outfielders, hitting for average, for extra bases, and sacrificing to score and win.  It’s mandatory to be able to play small ball in TD Ameritrade for the days of Gorilla ball and scores in the teens died with old Rosenblatt stadium up on the hill.

Omaha Fans

An underrated nuance to the CWS is which team(s) the fans in Omaha will gravitate to.  Remember that this is Big Red Football Country so teams like FSU or Florida (that have competed with the Huskers in bowls etc.) will be despised.  Omaha fans have a propensity to support any new underdog squad (perfect example last year was Coastal Carolina) provided of course that LSU is not in the field.  If the Tigers are in Omaha make no mistake about the fact that the fans will back the Bayou Bengals as their own.  This tradition is based on Baton Rouge and Omaha being very similar tertiary cities with people that over time have become family for 13 days each CWS (yep LSU fans flock to the CWS even when the Tigers are NOT in the CWS)!  LSU will have overwhelming support in Omaha.

Odds to win CWS

                                        Bracket I                                          

OSU +275             LSU +410           FSU +750              CSF +1250           

        Bracket II         

Louisville +220      Florida +610        TCU +800         Texas AM +1750

Bracket I

Cal State Fullerton arrives an underappreciated and unnoticed team.  They took out Stanford and LBSU, two red hot teams to earn their way to Omaha.  CSF are 0-7 in their last 7 appearances in the CWS which is why it may be easy for many to overlook this group.  2015 was their last trip here and they and went 2 & BBQ (that’s Omaha talk for 2 and out). They Pitch well and field (highest fielding % of all eight teams) but they can sometimes struggle to score.  CSF has won a title in each of the last four decades but have not won one this decade.  The Titans are the top fielding team in Omaha, they sport a WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) of 1.23 best behind only OSU and Louisville which means they play solid baseball and they don’t beat themselves.  Fullerton is a sleeper.

Oregon State is the power.  They’re ranked first in the Country (latest NCAA poll 5-29-17).  The Beavers play it the CWS way, they feature a 1.80 team ERA, field at .978%, have the lowest WHIP in the Tourney, allow the fewest hits per game and they steal bases.  This is a most complete team that has been steady, consistent and overpowering all-season long.  The Beavers have only lost four games and while impressive we must acknowledge that the Pac 12 was off a bit as far as deep talented baseball squads in 2017. There’s also an ugly unwanted plume of distraction that has followed the Beavers to Omaha.  These are college kids and the distraction this team and Coach Casey are facing will be difficult to overcome for synonymous with the CWS is ‘family environment’ and the story of P Heimlich remaining in Oregon will be addressed ad-nauseum.  This puts OSU without their top hurler, it forces them to talk about issues not baseball related in and out of the dugout.  Oregon State is carrying a heavy load from this perspective.

Florida State comes in healthy for the first time in months and playing the best baseball of their year.  Their Coach Mike Martin who’s had 38 years at the helm of FSU is the Ambassador to College Baseball coaching.  Martin is a true southern gentleman, everyone associated with College baseball would be elated if his team earned a title.  The Seminoles have been to Omaha 22 times in their history and have never won so to say they are due is an understatement.  They were a strike away from losing in the Super Regionals to Auburn but found a way to grind it out and be one of the remaining eight.  FSU is well balanced offensively (they score, they hit, they slug) but team ERA (3.72), hits allowed and fielding (lowest of the teams in Omaha) is a concern.  The Seminoles won’t have local fan support other than the loyalists hoping Martin can steal a Championship for Nebraskan’s are not Seminole supporters.

Louisiana State will be the darlings of the dance in Omaha.  The Tigers have had to learn their way into this new ballpark for they were the template of ‘Gorilla ball’ until they played in TD Ameritrade on two occasions with putrid results.  LSU is 1-4 in their last two CWS appearances so Coach Mainieri remade the team.  LSU now features pitching ace in Lange and a staff that has an ERA of 3.54, they have the best fielding percentage in the Tourney, they give up few hits and don’t walk men aboard. Offensively they can do it all as the team hits .294.  They’ve average 1.74 doubles per game (doubles mean well more than HR’s in TD Ameritrade), they run like deer in the outfield, have power and steal 1.10 bases per nine innings.  In 2015 LSU came to Omaha and went 2 and BBQ. Last year’s team lost eight players from 2015 and were beat in the Super Regionals by eventual CWS Champions Coastal Carolina.  After that Super regional setback, four junior leaders on the team capable of playing professionally decided to return to campus and lead LSU to the 2017 CWS.  The Tigers went from a youthful team last year in need of some seasoning to a veteran laden group who decided to return this year with purpose.  Experienced, focused, a complete team and a feverous fan following.  LSU is a contender.

Bracket II

Louisville is no secret to the gaming markets much to our dismay and they’re set up quite well as they open against the only unranked opponent in this year’s tournament Texas AM.  Louisville is complete yet they lack recent CWS experience (which we view as a premium). Last year Louisville was a highly ranked super power that was rolling along until they looked past a live underdog in UCSB who took the Cardinals down in two straight in Louisville.  The embarrassment and pain of that loss drives the Cardinals this year but we wonder if getting to O was the hiatus and they’ll need to learn how to win once in the Tourney.  Louisville pitching is a strength with a team ERA of 2.85, a 1.16 WHIP and the second fewest hits allowed in the Tourney.  This is a fundamentally sound club.  Louisville’s talent and placement in the bracket make them a worthy favorite yet at +220 the value on this team is non-existent.  Pass.

Texas A&M is the lone unranked team in this year’s Tournament.  They earned their place in the final eight yet faced only one ranked opponent (a 4-3 win over then 15 ranked Houston in the Regionals) on their way.  At A&M pitching is the strength of the team and they as they have three solid starting pitchers.  On offense A&M is better than the stats indicate.  Texas A&M’s had a relatively easy route to get to Omaha, they’re playing their best hardball of the year, they’re pitching is top notch they field well and may be getting overlooked.  Unfortunately for A&M they have not had success in Omaha going 2-10 in all time CWS appearances and 0-6 their last six games in Omaha but with ex Nebraska cornhusler Childress coaching the Aggies and some of his players on the staff that last took the Huskers to Omaha for this CWS (Bolt and Seely) look for the fans to be soundly supporting the Aggies.  Texas A&M opened as a +155 dog to Louisville Sunday in game one.  Interested.

Florida was In Omaha last year and they arrived with pomp and circumstance as chalk being bet to a Tourney favorite price of +180.  They had it all, pitching fielding, hitting, coaching and heaps of hype.  Their result was two and BBQ!  It’s this type of result (like that of LSU we mentioned and upcoming discussion of TCU) that we look to uncover for experience (especially poor) can provide a singularity of purpose, a laser focus for college hardball teams earning the chance to return to Omaha.  Florida pitches well, they are tied in fielding percentage with CSF & LSU and while they can sometimes struggle to score they sacrifice and steal to manufacture runs which is necessary at this baseball park.  Florida is steeped with experience and is a contender for the title.  If they can win their first game lookout for the Gators.

TCU is a marvel.  It’s a small private school with only 10,000 students and strict acceptance standards. What Coach Schlossnagle is doing in Fort Worth, TX is simply amazing.  TCU is making their fourth straight CWS appearance.  Last year they were one of the two teams to win their first two games only to get beat two straight and miss a shot at the final series.  TCU returns basically the same team as they fielded in 2016. They’re complete and focused on finishing what they started last year.  TCU has done it with team and not with statistics for they don’t top any of the statistical categories we track yet they are here again for the fourth time and being real quiet.  Laden with returning players from last year’s team gives the Horned Frogs real stability and confidence in their return to Omaha. The winner of this TCU/Florida game on Sunday is a certain threat in this Tournament.  It’s too bad they must face off in game one for they are both worthy candidates that may well have to play a couple games against one another to decide this side of the bracket.


Bracket I:  LSU +410 Championship          Bracket II:  Florida +610 Championship

Saturday game:  Cal State Fullerton +210

Sunday game:     Texas A&M +200

(released Saturday on The Green Zone, VSiN.Live with Matt Youmans and Jonathan Von Tobel Gamblou.com)


Profitable Sports Gaming 

Money Morning: Puck Profit & UFC FN 110 results - 6/12/2017

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs were a success in that we pulled profuse profit from the Passionates playing Puck.  Here's the final recap:

 26-32     44.83%    +9.47 Units    16.97% ROI

Rememebr Enthusiasts, it's business!

UFC FN 110

UFC FN 110 was another nice evening for us.  Early on Kim was forced off the card due to opponent illness, we replaced him with our first cut Nguyen +175 which ended up being a salty move as Nguyen submitted Elliott inside a minute of the first round!  

2-2 +1.85 units

By our tracking of closing numbers Favorites are 114-45-9 in the UFC in 2017. Chalk marching at a 71.6% clip is unnerving but we do what we do and we'll continue to work in an extreemly Selective manner as we work our way through this parade of Favorites.  We've profited in our last several cards so we feel our 'mo-jo' arriving just in time for the Dog days of Summer!

 UFC 2017

23-33     41.07%     +4.33 units     8.77% ROI

We're realizing profitability on underdogs at a 41.07% rate while underdogs in 2017 UFC have realized a win percentage of 28.3%.  Due Diligence, Selectivity and Money Management are the fulcrums to ...


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN 110 Hunt vs. Lewis: Pencarrow Head...kick - 6/10/2017

Welcome fight enthusiasts to UFC from Auckland New Zealand where the fights will be going off early Sunday AM local time.  This allows the Western Hemisphere to be able to view these match-ups in or close to prime time.  Travelling around the globe can have its challenges so we’ll keep this in mind in our decision making as we employ every resource to uncover live underdogs.  We’re off a profusely profitable performance last week and next week we’re taking the card off as those fights occur in the middle of the evening plus we’ll be in Las Vegas for another appearance with the fine professionals at the Southpoint Hotel and VSiN talking College World Series and UFC.  Today however our single point of focus is to bank bottom line from these zealots in New Zealand.

-Let’s Fight-

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we publicize is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Lewis -135 vs. Hunt +125

We’ve seen too many retirements this year in the UFC and wouldn’t this be a great spot for Mark Hunt to drop his gloves?  This is the one real reservation we have entering this fight.  Usually the Kiwi warriors and the home crowd would have us believing that Hunt was in an ideal spot to perform at his best tonight but the fact remains that he is at least 42 years of age and has slowly shown signs of slowing.  Lewis is a fighter but precision, skill, technicality and stamina are not characteristics of his game.  Rather Lewis is heart, soul, grit and toughness.  He’s been on a fine run but let’s not mistake that fact that if Hunt is to electrify the home crowd tonight he’ll need to be in a fight where the opponent comes right to him and engages in a striking war.  This is exactly the approach we believe ‘the Beast’ is going to undertake.  It’s a most dangerous tactic to head into Hunt’s homeland and try to take the one thing the proud warrior values above everything…. Kiwi Pride.

Hunt ITD +160

Brunson -275 vs. Kelly +250

This week ‘Morency Unfiltered’ we proclaimed Brunson too athletic, too skilled and too hungry for the overachieving Aussie Kelly.  We still believe this to be the case with modest modification.  Since the broadcast we’ve begun to feel that this fight may not be quite so one sided.  In fact, our due diligence has uncovered that Kelly intends to do all he can to weather Brunson’s early fury and try to take this fight deep, drag the American to the deck and roll like crocodiles on the canvas.  Kelly has an unusual Judo base and anything can happen when wrestlers and Judo based fighters square off for Judo based training partners are rare and that skill is so very difficult to emulate in practice.  Both guys are southpaws which turns the fight odd to begin with and while Brunson is the younger, taller, more athletic fighter Kelly is durable, focused, the local and tough as John Wayne’s saddle. This fight may not be as easy as many believe.

Brunson/Kelly starts Rd 3 -110


Twitter add:                                                                                                                Nguyen +175

Volkanovski -650 vs. Hirota +540

Volkanovski is a bright up and comer with a grinding grappling style.  He’s well rounded and should be a decent favorite in this position but this current line is obtuse and disrespectful to a true mixed martial artist in Hirota.  Volkanovski had an impressive debut and he’ll do all he can here to get his older opponent to the mat for a messy maul where he’ll hold advantage but at 29 Volkanovski is long on grit but short on polish and he could be in a trick spot tonight with the beguiling Japanese fighter.  Hirota is cagy weathered veteran who has a great experience edge in this fight as well he’ll sport stand up and power advantages.  Even though his opponent has a reach advantage Hirota will want to keep this standing and fight from distance as the charging Aussie attempts to force himself inside. This is not cakewalk for Volkanovski like many of the parlay playing pukes believe.   ‘Swing it Easy’

Hirota +540 (half)

Kim -120 vs. Gouti +110

Kim opened -185 and money has streamed in on the hound.  Gouti trains out of Jax-Wink which is a positive (that said recent Jax-Wink strikers have displayed dubious results in 2017) but we’re not so sure we can agree that he should be regarded on an even fighting keel with the explosive aggressive Korean, Kim.  Gouti has a basic stand up striking style and while the level of competition he has faced is superior to Kim’s we can’t help but notice how much taller/larger Kim will be.  Kim is more than willing to stand up and open-up for he is aggressive and willing.  Each fighter employs an overly aggressive offence while each are void of valued defense.  We feel Kim sports advantages everywhere this fight goes which is why we felt he was a worthy chalk.  If Kim uses any semblance of game plan he takes this guy to the floor for sound rounds of ground and pound…. Kim’s size, speed, athleticism, his ability to take this fight to the floor and the fact that he’ll be less affected by travel and time change issues are key factors in this position.  Value resides on Kim

Kim -120


Profitable Sports Gaming

Money Morning: UFC & NHL Profit report - 6/5/2017

Good Monday profit enthusiasts.  Today we’ll provide a quick recap of UFC 212 and provide a complete up to date recap of our NHL Playoff season thus far.

UFC 212

It’s been a grind for us in the UFC this season as Favorites have been dominating.  Thus far in 2017 UFC Chalk is 107-42-8 (based on our tracking of closing odds) or 68%.  When chalk runs that consistent for five months our results can be affected for we are dedicated dog delvers who will take a flyer with a favorite ONLY if said chalk satisfies our vow for gaming value.  Each week we work diligently to uncover live underdogs that are in a position to perform at their best.  It took us until this past week to show profit in the UFC in 2017 based on the fact that the Mangy mutts as of yet have not begun to show their mettle.  Here’s our results for 2017.

UFC 2017:  21-31   40.38%    +2.48 units    +5.41% ROI

While these numbers look meager to date we encourage all to understand that we have been doing this for some forty years and while we’re unable to control when we win and when we lose.  What we can control is our approach, our management of money as well we maintain strict control over the selections we release for make no mistake about it…..we’ll end the year profitably!  In the UFC in 2017 dogs are winning at a 32% clip yet if one reviews our numbers it’s apparent that at 40.38% we are out maneuvering the dismal display of dogs thus far in the season. 

Chalk will not end the year above 65% in our opinion so those that choose to stay with us will realize that regression to the mean is tangible and we are about to blow the lid off of the UFC just in time for the summer festival of fights.  Our advice? Don’t desert the dogs…..

NHL Playoffs

This year we are having a banner year in the NHL. Here’s the season results to date:

NHL 2017:  26-32   44.83%    +12.47 units     +22.76 ROI

GambLou clients own the Predators for the Cup at 2 units +193 so to say we are eagerly awaiting the regression of the Penguin stamina is an understatement.  We feel the Pens are steeped with experience, grit, guile, pride and class but the Preds own hunger and fresh legs….Let’s pull the Preds into a playoff performance unseen in many years…..a team down 0-2 coming back to hoist.  We believe!


Profitable Sports Gaming


UFC 212 Aldo vs. Holloway: Rio Naked Choke - 6/3/2017

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to UFC 212.  Tonight’s card is steeped with fine matchups many of which seem designed to feed the fervor of fighting in Brazil as well highlight young dynamic Brazilian talent.  As usual our eye is trained to seek value especially in the form of underdogs poised to offer their best and perform for 'we and dem' at a price.  Here’s what we've decided to release this week as our freebie for UFC 212.  Best of Luck to all 

-Let’s Fight-

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we publicize is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Aldo -140 vs. Holloway +130

Fights like this one come around only a couple times per year if we, the fans are lucky.  This is going to be a war between the two best fighters in the Bantamweight Division.  Aldo is without question the Champion who save for some fifteen seconds against McGregor has shown himself to be the king of the Bantams.  Holloway for some time now is fighting his best and much of that can be attributed to the confidence he gained in his loss to McGregor some years ago for since that setback the young Hawaiian has dominated in focused, furious fashion to earn his way to this spot. 

Holloway’s length, size and aggressive forward working style are going to trouble Aldo for since Aldo’s experience with Conor he may well be susceptible to a bully who will come straight at him and engage him, pressure him and take the fight to him.  Holloway will to do just that unlike any of the other fighters that Jose has hammered.  While Edgar did try to take the fight to Jose remember that Frankie is well older than Jose and his skills are eroding ever so slightly plus that fight was a year ago and it was arguable Aldo’s best performance (we’re of the opinion that it will be difficult for Jose to match that last effort to be honest).  Aldo has never fought an opponent that has had such a size advantage over him.  Holloway’s size, his style, his frenetic forward pressure and his confidence entering this bout will trouble Jose and provided Max is able to address the take down attempts that will eventually come from Aldo (once he is aware that he is overmatched standing) this fight will swing to Max as it wears on.  Aldo is a warrior, a true Champion and a regal representation of the dynamic Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu fighting base but in our opinion, it is Max Holloway’s time now and we believe he will earn the title tonight

Holloway +130  

Moraes -225 vs. Assuncao +205

Moraes is an accomplished well rounded talented fighter who has been preparing for this opportunity for some time.  It’s his opinion (and that of the Makers) that he is going to roll into the UFC and take out the top of the Bantamweight division.  When we handicap Assuncao we look no further than his list of recent fights that include wins over the likes of Dillashaw (he split 2 fights with TJ) Munhoz, Caraway and Sterling.  As a termed UFC veteran, he’s now pitted against his fellow Countryman who’s been awarded this level of fight based on nothing he has accomplished IN the IFC.  We interpret this opponent, situation as providing Assuncao with great motivation and focus for he’s a bona fide top three contender in the division and they give him this kid.  We look for Assuncao who is the well more experienced fighter to hold his own in the stand up and eventually mash Moraes onto the mat for a maul.  Assuncao will need to get this fight to the floor to gain advantage and Moraes will do all he can to keep this standing.  We’re hoping for a foray on the floor.

Assuncao +205

Borrachinha -260 vs. Bamgbose +240

Borrachinha enters this fight off a dominating performance over a statuesque, old shot fighter who was made for him in style and lack of explosiveness.  Today the young brash Brazilian gets a guy in Bamgbose who fights similarly to him in many ways except that Bamgbose has more UFC experience than the young mauler and he’s fought a full three rounds prior (Ferreira last out 3 round decision).  We’d decided to invest in Bamgbose originally then Borrachinha’s unprofessional stunt at the weigh-ins yesterday solidified our intent.  That total lack of professionalism by the big Brazilian baby has us feeling he’s realizing that Bamgbose is going to show up a well different opponent than the Zombie they put him in there with last out.

Bamgbose +240 (half)


Profitable Sports Gaming

Stanley Cup Final: Penguins vs.Predators: series breakdown - 5/29/2017

Here's our veiw of the Stanley Cup Final series.  This was submitted to VSiN Live yesterday and appears on their front page at VSiN.com.  Thank You to the leadership and professionals at VSiN for recognizing our work.  Best of luck to all Hockey fans and Happy Memorial Day to all.  Our Veterans past and present allow us to voice our opinions because of the selflessness they displayed for this country! Salute'

Stanley Cup Final

Series line (Southpoint) Pittsburgh -160 vs. Nashville +150

Key Injuries

The culture of Hockey is to minimize the effect of injury, and there has been no better example of that this playoff season than the Penguins who have said nothing through many team issues.  Nonetheless, we outline injuries that are bound to affect each team in this series.

Pittsburgh: D Letang, W Hornqvist, D Ruhwedel, D Shultz (played last game), W Kuhnhackl.  The Pens are getting healthier as this playoff run extends.  LeTang will not return but the Pens are gradually gaining players, especially on Defense, where they are thin in depth of talent.

Nashville:  C Johansen is out, as is W Fiala; team captain Fisher is on the ice and perhaps set to return early in this series. 

Style of Play

Pittsburgh’s team strength (besides a team-wide wealth of Playoff experience) is the play and capability of their frontline Center positions where Crosby and Malkin dominate play and newcomer Kuentzel has contributed immediately. The Pens must rely on G Murray in net to play like he did last year (2.08 GAA), as their defense is the one area of this team in need of improvement. This platoon has been hit hardest by the lack of continuity that injury and shuffling players brings.  Therefore, the Pens will want to undertake a free skating style of play - one in which they can take the lead then press for the Penguins will not want to fall behind the Predator defensive juggernaut.

Nashville’s strength (besides tremendous team speed) is that they execute playoff hockey ‘from the goal out’, meaning that they have Rinne who is this year’s top Minder of the playoffs in net, insulated by the top three sets of defensemen in the game.  Injuries to the Predators have diluted the talent in their already-challenged offense, thus the Preds offense against the Pens defense is a critical matchup in this series.  Nashville will utilize a frenetic, physical style of play that complements their overall advantage in team speed to try to jump up on the Pens and then control the pace of play pressuring the Pen Defense with an aggressive blue line when the Preds are on the offensive attack.


The questions for the Pens are twofold:  First, can they overcome the amount of hockey they’ve had to play to get here?  Coming into this series the Pens have played 19 full playoff hockey games (and they started five periods of OT within those three series), while the Preds are here in 16 full games (three periods of OT).  The Pens have played in back-to-back seven game series against top rated NHL playoff teams, the last of which was a double OT victory.  This is a ton of pressure hockey on a team that is already affected by the attrition of the Stanley Cup Tournament.  Second, can they score goals? The Pens played a uniquely defensive team in the Senators last series, but the fact remains that in four games of that series they scored only one goal. 

The Preds questions revolve around whether they will be overwhelmed by the experience and pressure offense of the Pens.  Also, will the time off allow G Rinne to maintain his dynamic level of play (GAA 1.81 this playoff season)?  Can the Preds defense continue to pressure on offense while they attempt to corral the most dynamic and experienced set of goal scorers in today’s game?  These questions will be central in discovering which team will own advantage as this series progresses.


Positive Penguin intangibles are their vast team experience, guile, savvy and determination.  This team hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup last year, and many players were on this team when they hoisted it in 2009.  Seven Pens players sport 100 or more games of playoff experience.  We’d be remiss not to mention the phenomenal job Coach Sullivan has done for these Penguins.  His hire has been as dynamic as any made in the Mario Lemieux regime, and it defines the fact that, in today’s NHL Pittsburgh is as organizationally sound as any team in Hockey.

For the Preds, only captain Fisher has played in 100 or more playoff games and has Cup experience.  Nashville enters this series with a lack of experience but an abundance of ‘fresh legs’, and once they re-enter ‘playoff mode’ they’ll be the faster, quicker and even more physical bunch.  With a week of rest and many fewer minutes of ferocious play under their belts, I am quite confident that as this series progresses they will be the far fresher, faster firing team. Their run deep into the Campbell final series last year earned them a PhD on the importance of ‘fresh legs’ and this team has been focused on this opportunity since game one against the Blackhawks this year, another wily, cagey experienced team that was supposed to own the Predators.  Coach Laviolette is the fourth Coach ever to deliver his third team to the Cup Final series so all may be assured that this team will be prepared, focused and willing to challenge themselves against the World Champions


The way to hoist a Stanley Cup is to play hockey ‘from the goal out’ and this is the template for the Predators.  It’s also our judgment that this year’s playoffs have exemplified that youthful teams featuring exceptional speed (Preds, Oilers, Leafs, Sens and Pens) own advantage over those that do not.  The Pens are laden with precision, grit and guile while the Preds play from Rinne out, have fewer games played, are well rested, sport greater team speed and have a Minder playing the best hockey of his career. This series as more evenly matched than current pricing indicates.

We handicapped the Series Pens -120 to Preds +110

Based on home ice the Pens should be a slight Favorite. Therefore, we recommend taking every penny of advantage with the Predators +150 or better.

Special Game One note:  It’s our experience that teams in Cup playoff series’ can have difficulty overcoming more than 4-5 day’s rest.  Contrary to popular belief, it takes a team with rest a couple periods or even a full game to catch up to the team that just finished frenetic playoff hockey.  We believe that the advantage in Game One may reside with the Pens because of this observation and will only invest in the Preds series price at this time.  

Our plan is to place a couple of units of wager on the Preds but will only invest one now.  If the Pens do, in fact, win Game One, we will look to take another position on the Preds in this series at even more advantageous odds for in a seven game series we trust in their style of play, their team speed and their keen focus. 

Good luck to all. 


Profitable Sports Gaming


UFC FN Gustafsson vs. Teixeira: Scaninavian Sunday Shots - 5/27/2017

Welcome to UFC Fight Night from Stockholm fight Enthusiasts.  This card goes off 10am EST Sunday morning and while the fighters overall are not widely recognized by the mainstream UFC fan we do believe we’ve located gaming value on the card.  We’ll remain selective with our releases as we’re tracking favorites in the UFC this year at a 92-34-7 clip.  Here’s a vote for trusting the process….

-Let’s Fight-

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we publicize is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Taleb -450 vs. Enkamp +400

Taleb sports experience, durability and power while the Swedish prospect Enkamp arrives on short notice with the opportunity of his youthful career.  Taleb will need to smother the kid, clinch with the wiry striker and wear on him with constant incoming pressure to control the fight.  Enkamp on the other hand must maintain distance and use his quickness and speed to punish the more deliberate incoming Taleb with strikes and use his speed to even get his arms around the plodder and try to take him out.  We’ve never been impressed with Taleb and feel he may be in a bad spot Sunday.  We saw something from each man at weigh-ins that made us take out the Driver here….’Swing it Easy’

Enkamp +400 (half)

Hermannson -160 vs. Nicholson +150

Here’s your fight of the night Enthusiasts.  Hermannson is a precision puncher who will use his stand up to draw the bull close and force this fight to the floor for advantage.  Nicholson is brash brawling bully who’s tough as a two-buck steak and offers very little in the way of adequate defense whether standing or on the floor.  If Nicholson can make this a bar room brawl then this fight should be in his favor while Hermannson will want to use distance to pepper in raging rogue as he rushes into engage, drag him to the floor and try to chock the bloke.

Under 2.5 rounds +160 (half)

Gustafsson -265 vs. Teixeira +245

Gus opened -175 in this fight which in our judgement was a tight number but action has moved the line higher than the Kebnekaise mountain range in the län (county) of Norrbotten, northern Sweden.  Each of these men are toiling to overcome recent adversity.  Teixeira must find his way after a devastating KO loss while Alex must show the fight world that he is the Alex of old as opposed to the Alex that looked languished against Jan Blachowicz.  Alex requires distance to punish the more plodding Brazilian as he attempts to get inside and cling to the longer Swede and pummel him with punches inside the pocket.  If Alex can display the heart, the will and the conditioning to keep this fight at distance he will have advantage but we feel the grit, the desire and the capability lie with the Brazilian.   It’s our belief that Teixeira will eventually be able to work his way inside to make this fight ugly and drag the Viking to the floor for a flop where Glover will own advantage.  Five rounds is a long time….

Teixeira +250                  Teixeira ITD +440 (half)


Profitable Sports Gaming