UFC FN120: Poirier vs. Pettis: A Veterans Day Salute - 11/11/2017

Good day gaming Enthusiasts and yes, the title today has nothing to do with the fights rather our title today is intended to give our respect and admiration to the authentic hero’s in this fine country of ours, our Veterans.  Those now serving, those that once served, and all deceased service individuals paved the way for us to be able to drink lattes on Saturday morning and discuss the game of fighting.  While we acknowledge that we have no ability to grasp what real fighting for one’s country can be like, we can sure tip our hats, pay our respects and acknowledge what outstanding selfless people you all are.  Today we pay our total respect to all veterans!

Regarding today’s card we find little to get excited about by way of the mangy mutt category so rather than trying to press it we’ll offer a couple of breakdowns but mostly use this fight card as due diligence.  If something changes, we’ll post to @Twitter and make it obvious we are making a release. 

Good Luck and Salute’ to our Veterans.

Let’s Fight

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we work are available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display win percentages, gross profit and bottom line profitability. After all, it’s business).

Moraes -115 vs. Dodson +105

Moraes may be a metaphor for Muhammad (Belal).  He arrives to his second fight in the UFC as a worthy top contender for the division and he gets two completely brutal matchups in Assuncao and now JD.  Moraes is a solid striker with both hands and legs and was not quite active enough to overcome Assuncao so we know he’s prepared to take this fight to Dodson.  The issue is that Dodson is freakishly quick, fast and athletic and could not be a more diverse style of fighter to be in there with coming off a grueling affair with the more deliberate Assuncao.  Moraes best not try to stand in this fight with JD for Dodson is too fast, has too diverse a of skill set and has cardio to be able to remain effective for fifteen minutes.  Provided Dodson stays active he’ll be too diverse for Moraes to catch up with.  This has decision written all over it unless Moraes catches JD or gets caught lunging in as he becomes aware that this style of fighter is a poor one for his talents.

Dodson +105

'Swing it Easy' Special

Brown -355 vs. Sanchez +320

This is Browns retirement party yet in my recollection few fighters fare well when such an announcement is made.  Brown looked like death on the scale and we do question his focus while clearly most do not as Brown opened -260 and the parlay playing pukes pushed him up to current pricing.  We’ll ‘Swing it Easy’ here and hope a big bloated Diego can act the dog catch Brown and shut out his lights for it’s Diego’s only path to victory in our estimation.

Sanchez ITD +560 (.25u for 1.4u)

Pettis -105 vs. Poirier -105

These guys look like mirror images of one another yet in our perspective Pettis’ career is waning and Poirier with a win continues an ascent for he is only 27 and has some tread left on the tire.  Pettis while a proud warrior has lost the zip, the zing and the flash that allowed him to control the division for a time.  Though Anthony’s skills have eroded to a degree make little mistake that if Poirier does not control the space in this fight he could get cracked.  Pettis requires space to fight his fight.  He does not want to allow Poirier into the pocket and this will require legwork which consumes cardio for fighters especially aging ones.  Pettis’ ability to use his patented open stance body kick* will also be squelched by the southpaw stance of Poirier which adds dimension for Dustin in his approach to landing strikes without having to deal with those lethal kicks. 

Poirier -105


Profitable Sports Gaming


*Phil Mackenzie Bloody Elbow “UFC Norfolk: Dustin Poirier vs. Anthony Pettis Toe to Toe Preview - A complete breakdown” 11-11-17



Money Morning: Week 9 NFL & UFC - 11/6/2017

As promised gaming Enthusiasts our week 9 NFL results are now complete. 

GambLou.com NFL clients realized 4-2 + 2.05u week which brings our season record to:

23-19     55%     +4.85u (at $1,000.00 per unit)     10.28% ROI

We turn the page after this recap and prepare ourselves for NFL week 10.


Welcome Gaming Enthusiasts to Money Morning where we tabulate the weeks profitability.  In the NFL we are still alive to week 9 so that accounting will appear tomorrow.


In UFC 217 Favorites finally faltered and realized a 5-5-1 tally.  This is the first card in 2017 where the mangy mutt was able to stay on par with the chalky chumps.

To date in the UFC Fav’s are running at a 233-99-18 clip (66.5%).

GambLou.com UFC 2017 results:

40-51   43.96%    +10.78u    +12.59% ROI

The first three quarters of 2017 saw Fav’s dominate the UFC and it’s been until this last quarter that the hounds have finally begun to howl.  We’re all over finishing strong in each sport we cover and the UFC is no different.  One look at our win percentage of 43.96% clearly displays that we are running well ahead of the rate of rabid dogs thus far this year.  Our process is working and we remain committed to the bottom line.  After all…..it’s Business!

Tomorrow our NFL results will be posted but suffice it to say we’ll bank bottom line in week 9!


Profitable Sports Gaming


UFC 217 Bisping vs. St-Pierre: RNC at MSG - 11/4/2017

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to UFC 217 from Madison Square Garden (the fight capitol for forever) in New York City.  This fight card is steeped in mighty matchups.  We’ve pared the slate down to a handful of potential pup positions designed to deliver deposits. 

UFC 2017 Favorites 228-94-17 67%

With chalk delivering at such a pace we must remain very selective in our approach but with that said we also believe in the undeniable truth that is regression so we’ll no doubt take our own advice tonight and ‘Swing it Easy’.  Here's today free release.  Our whole card is available here for a mere pittance to any interested.  We'll credit your tokens back if we do not make you a profit. That's our pledge....now

-Let’s Fight-

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we are active with is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment data while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Bisping -105 vs. St. Pierre -105

We’ve been on VSiN, Morency Unfiltered and other local Phoenix radio shows proclaiming that GSP has simply been away from the fury of the fight game and inside the Octagon for too long to be able to come back after four years and whup up on his hand-picked opponent.  Mentally there are few who could rival GSP but as his mind has continued to grow stronger these older fighters constantly feel that their carcass keeps up.  It does not. GSP remembers how to dominste mentslly but physically his body will not be able to accomodate his mind. GSP hand picked this fight and we feel it may have been a large error.

Bisping has been active and fighting high level competition for the past four years that GSP has been eating ice cream.  He’ll be the bigger man in the Octagon and arrives with exceptional cardio, solid take down D and power in his punches.  For these reasons we feel Bisping is in position tonight to win but he’d best not leave it up to the judges simply because there is more cheese in a GSP vs. Conor fight than there is Bisping getting his hand raised then retiring which I feel WILL happen if Mike wins.  This fight is a mistake in my opinion for GSP who will realize that he retired for good reason four plus years ago…. these fighters never learn from history.

Bisping -105

Gall -120 vs. Brown +110

Brown fights out of Queens NY and Gall is a Joisey boy.  These two know of one another and bring different specialties to this fight.  We view Gall as more limited in arsenal yet what he does excel at, the ground game and submission applications he is quite versed with.  Brown will not want to be flopping on the floor with mickey tonight.  Brown is the more verse fighter who’s faced superior competition and we feel has the take down ability to keep this fight standing and at distance to keep Gall where he is underdeveloped. Brown opened a fair -150 and is now offering value at plus money.

Brown +110

Jedrzejcyyk -750 vs. Namajunas +500

JJ is getting too cocky and too intoxicated with the power and fame being a young world class talent.  It may not be tonight, but the fade button has been hit on JJ, you heard it here first.  Anyway, JJ getting in Rose’s face and mentioning her family history (Rose’s Father had mental issues) and calling her weak because of it is simply going too far.  The karma kings have displayed that this kind of obtuse dialog is never a good idea.  JJ will try to demolish Rose with strikes and Rose will need to do all she can to try to get this from the feet and to the floor to have a chance at beating JJ.  ‘Swing it Easy’

Namajunas +600 (half) 

Garbrandt -220 vs. Dillashaw +190

We’ve been trying to sidestep this fight and watch it because we do feel Cody is a legitimate slight favorite.  That said, we are not of the believe that he is anywhere near a -200 plus chalk and with that in mind we’ll continue to watch this number for if TJ goes to or above the +200 number the trigger will be pulled…. patience here as we’ll announce on Twitter if we make a formal move on this fight.

Dillashaw +190

Costa -310 vs. Hendricks +255

This is the ‘don’t judge the book by the cover’ fight.  Costa is a huge chiseled statuesque fighting specimen with huge power, bad intentions and freakish potential.  He steps in with a doughy looking Johny Hendricks that is a wrestling based fighter fighting at a weight class he is undersized for (185).  Undersized and clearly disregarded by the betting public forces us to overlook the fact that Johny has changed camps a few times (bad signal here) and enters this fight with Jax/Wink in corner and the realization that he’s out for employment should he get mowed down in this fight like most feel will happen.  Johny has the experience and wrestling capability to test the larger striker, take him to the floor and make him strain using up energy and setting up a nice little upset for the cagey Hendricks.  Johny live!

Hendricks +255             Over 1.5 rounds +100


Profitable Sports Gaming

Breeders Cup Classic: Two Horse Pro's discuss - 11/3/2017

Welcome Horse enthusiasts to Gamblou.com’s coverage of the Triple Crown of Horse racing and the Breeder’s Cup Classic.

We introduce to you today Brutha Shue’s (@Drewshoo on twitter) new Pony partner in these dialogues one JimmyQ (@JimmyQVegas on twitter).  Jimmy has been carrying me around the horse track for years doing nothing but pouring profit my way from the ponies and he teams up today with Shue to do their inaugural dialogue for Saturday’s Breeders Cup Classic.  We start by Jimmy responding to Shue about the sport of Kings as a whole.  Here’s their brief discussion then their suggested wagers….

Q:  I agree that the Kentucky Derby is the best day of the racing year.  I've had the pleasure of taking in 4 Derby's in person.  I was able to witness victories by Smarty Jones in 2004 (Still to this day I wonder how did he not win the Triple Crown?)  Giacomo in 2005, Barbaro in 2006, and Animal Kingdom in 2011.  Now that I'm typing this I realize I need to get back there and have another Mint Julip!!  As for trakus, the best way I can explain it is it's basically like having GPS on a horse so it's the most accurate information you will get anywhere.  When you are watching the Churchill signal and you see the numbers at the bottom of the screen kind of floating along that's trakus equipment being used.  It's inside the horse’s saddle cloth and measures their MPH at different segments of the race including their peak MPH and also how many total feet the horse traveled.  I've been able to find a way to incorporate this information into my handicapping so that it works for me.  The only bad news is the fact that not every track uses trakus as it is quite costly.  I'll talk to you as we get closer to race day

Shue:  Q - I'm almost half way through running my numbers for The Classic and I'm working on MUBTAAHIJ (12-1).  He ran two races in Meydan, and I'm curious to know what his fractions were - if you have the Trakus numbers.  And also in his race at Churchill Downs on Nov 25, 2016 - how fast did he run that last furlong.  As of this writing, he sounds pretty interesting.

Q:  Well Done Drew!  You have about a 10 length lead on me in your preparation but I'll be taking a deep dive tonight and will also answer the very fair question you had around tracks without trakus and how I assign those horses a figure, etc.  I'm excited for the Classic!!  It should be a beauty and best of Luck on your wagers....Mine will be out by morning.  Talk to you soon

Shue and Q drop more knowledge on the nags before each delivers their final positions.

Shue:  OK so here's the way I see it.  The class, and rightfully so, are ARROGATE (2-1) and GUN RUNNER (9-5).  Not sure Gun Runner can make the 1 1/4 and be in front at the wire - and Arrogate is a professional at that distance - so no money to be made on them - unless they somehow falter - which IMHO, would leave us with MUBTAAHIJ (12-1) and WEST COAST (6-1).  Those two can close very well at 1 1/8 of a mile - and I think they can both make the 1 1/4 and be on the lead at the wire.  I'm going to throw in WIN THE SPACE (30-1) just for fun.  He can sure close at 1 1/8 - and quite oddly, 'pulled up' in his last two 1 1/4 mile runs.  Maybe the Greek trainer has been saving up for this day to finish first - so at 30-1, I'm going to put him in my box.  So here's my action:


                                           $5.00 W-P-S #3 Win the Space (30-1) $15.00

                                            $10.00 W-P-S #6 Mubtaahij (12-1)       $30.00

                                            $10.00 W-P-S #8 West Coast (6-1)       $30.00

                                              $1.00 Trifecta Box (5 horses)            $60.00

#1 Arrogate (2-1) #3 Win the Space (30-1) #5 Gun Runner (9-5) #6 Mubtaahij (12-1) #8 West Coast (6-1)

                                                                 Total Wager                        $135.00


Q-  Alright Shue.  My homework is done and I'm making a BOLD move and I'm tossing Gun Runner out of the Top 3 for many of the reasons you brought up as I too have big time questions about how he'll hold up the final 1/8 of a mile.  I think there will be others traveling much better at that point in the race that will out kick him down the stretch.  This will allow me to get another horse with more value into a couple of my exotics.  I'm a firm believer that when you have 2 short priced horses you need to take a stand somewhere even if you end up having your head between your legs afterwards.  With that said, my Win $ is going to be on #8 WEST COAST (8-1) You have to love how this horse came into his own this summer and he just keeps getting better with each race.  I'm hoping he takes that next big step forward in the Classic.  If he doesn't get it done then I do think it's probably b/c #1 ARROGATE (2-1) returned to his old form and takes another Classic.  I look for Mike Smith to be aggressive from the rail today and try to put him on the lead if he can get it.  The last 2 races Arrogate has gotten a little lazy mid race and left himself with way too much to do in the lane. I know everyone is going to be watching anxiously to see how he handles this Del Mar surface.  Also a good sign for Arrogate backers that he is 3 for 3 life time when breaking from the inside post.   I'm throwing in a few double digit horse that I think might not be able to win but can certainly run 2nd or 3rd if things go their way.  #6 Mubtaahij (12-1) with a win first time out for the Baffert barn and I could see him having an even greater feel for him this time and fully cranked.  #9 Gunnevera (30-1) ran the best race of his life in the Travers and was very wide at the beginning of the race so ultimately ran much farther than his competition.  If there is a fight up front today for the lead this is a horse that will benefit greatly.  #10 Pavel (20-1) is lightly raced at this point in his career and is improving and I was impressed with his last out effort.  A repeat effort could have him somewhere in the exotics.  Here is how I'm betting it.

$50.00 Win 8

$20.00 Ex 8/1

$15.00 Ex 1/8

$3 Ex 1,8/6,9,10                           $18.00

$1 Tri 1,8/1,6,8,9,10/1,6,8,9,10    $24.00

Total Investment                         $127.00

There it is Horse Enthusiasts.  Two unique perspectives with affordable wagering tips on top.  We'll be following our two Pro's advice closely and wish you all the best of luck this weekend at the races!


Profitable Sports Gaming




Money Morning: NFL & UFC deposits - 10/31/2017

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Money Morning.  We report today because we had an NFL middle working last night and results were not complete until this morning.  Weekly comprehensive accounting is necessary for any successful business and to date we see ourselves as the only entity practicing 110% transparency by publishing our results.  We are eager to publish actual results for we understand that few can compete with our profitability when forced to undergo the same rigid reporting criterea that we practice regularly here at GambLou.com. 


It was a fine weekend bagging Brazilian barkers as we realized a 3-1 +2.5 unit profit on UFC FN 119. 

For 2017 then UFC Favorites are 228-94 (17 fights either pick-em or draws) for a staggering 67%.

With mangy mutts running a tepid 33% in the UFC this year it’s important to recognize that our refined process of Due Diligence, Selectivity and Money Management are keeping us ahead of the win rate for underdogs in the UFC as well allowing us to press profit from a most difficult set of fight results.  We forge forward with the single point of focus being:  Profitability

UFC 2017:  37-48      43.53% win rate     +7.93u     +9.91%ROI


The public had a terrific week this week in the NFL and that often spells difficulty for we here at GambLou.com World HQ.   In the case of this week we realized a 2-2 result losing a little vig in the process.

The NFL is a grind that for many is too difficult to manage week in and week out.  Our practice is that when winning we flex ourselves into a situation where we focus on profit maximization.  We work stringently to minimize and control any/all loss so a weekend that looks like 2-2 and losing a bit of vig is what we recognize here as the grind of gambling.  We love specifically the NFL grind and find ourselves only about halfway through the season to date.  There's so much profit out there waiting for us that our focus today becomes simply; Week 9 NFL.  We’re just getting warmed up and our practice of working only select Sporting events allows us to hold advantage as this season in the NFL extends and we prepare to fire fresh.  Bring me week 9 NFL!

That’s the report for this week.  Stay focused, conduct comprehensive Due Diligence, stay supremely Selective and Manage every stinking penny for every penny $aved is a penny deposited!


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN 119 Brunson vs. Machida: Slaying the dragon? - 10/28/2017

Welcome fights Enthusiasts to UFC FN 119.  We’re coming to you live from Las Vegas where we’ll watch the fights tonight with Barry and Lance Fischel (@bdf522 and @lancefischel respectively on twitter) and posse.  We love the interaction twitter affords us and look forward to watching these fights with people I have come to know and respect on this medium we call twitter.  As far as the value in tonight’s card we feel there’s plenty and without much further ado, here’s what we’ll release for today’s card.

Todday's free release: 

Luque -125 vs. Price +115

Luque has more ways to win this and Price while longer and owning some advantage over Luque physically is not as complete a fighter as is the Brazilian.  Luque opened -175 and while we do respect Price, his game is not as complete as the home town kid here.  This fight is going to come down to grit, determination and toughness and for those reasons we see this one getting well into the third round.

Fight starts Round 3 +110


Profitable Sports Gaming

Money Morning: NFL Profitability update - 10/23/2017


Good Morning Handicappers!  It's always a tough task to account for loss but any successful business must practice precision money managment skills to effectively track and report the bottom line and Profitable Sports Gaming is no different.  What we do here is quite different from what most are willing to do and that is recap to the penny our Gaming results EVERY DAD GUMMED WEEK! 

This seperates the pretenders from the legitimate businessmen and it's a practice we have performed since the inception of GambLou.com.  While it's not fun to report the poor result the focus, dedication and drive that posting these results provides us is substantial and our single point of focus from this report forward will be NFL Week 8 profitability.

In week 7 we realized a 2-4 result for a net loss of 2.4 units.

NFL 2017:  17-15    53%   +3.0 U    +8.14ROI

We'll bounce back like rabid defenders after a fumble in the Super Bowl next week.  Stay tuned as we will refocus and rededicate in order to get back to weekly profitability in the NFL


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN 118: Cerrone vs. Till: Who gets G'dropped in Gdansk - 10/20/2017

Welcome fight enthusiasts to UFC FN 118.  It’s been a tough week here at GambLou.com World HQ as I have been fighting a staph infection and have had to change medications a couple of times.  How Kevin Lee persevered in the most recent UFC lcard (in main event fashion) to even enter the Octagon with an issue like Staph is dumbfounding and gives me a completely new perspective on Lee no doubt.  We’ll be short on our sole write up this week simply because I have so little mental and physical focus....that said we believe it's PhD time again in the UFC.

Good luck to all.

Cerrone -145 vs. Till +130

Till is a big strong future challenger to the Welterweight Division but every young fighter needs their diploma in how to navigate grizzled veterans in five round affairs.  Till thinks he’s ready (see Kevin Lee) and he’s planning on showing Donald ‘after one punch’ that Cerrone has chosen poorly.  Moving straight in on Cerrone for the kill (a recipe that has worked prior) absolutely will not work for Till (the Cowboy ain’t stupid and is not going to just stand there and trade early) and trying to play counterpuncher is simply not Till’s game for he is a one dimensional fighter at this point in his career and we have not even addressed his cardio.  

We see Till get countered and pieced up by a much more savvy, weathered veteran early then in about round three we’ll witness Cerrone absolutely taking this young Englishman apart.  Just like Lee needed to graduate into the top ranks so too will Till who’ll go out without any thrill.

Cerrone -145

added via @twitter yesterday:                                                                                        Kelleher -110


Profitable Sports Gaming


Money Morning: Pigskin Profitability - 10/16/2017

Welcome Gaming Enthusiasts to Money Morning.  Here we recap all the Profitable Sports Gaming activity for the week into one concise report.

Every profitable business must undergo the necessary preparation (Due Diligence), client diagnosis/targeting (Selectivity) and financial tracking (Money Management) to maintain its bottom line for we are all in this for one reason PROFIT.

Our practices here at GambLou.com are time tested at delivering bottom line profitabilty for all one need do is pay attention to these Money Morning reports to determine that specialization in gaming is the modern approach to gaming success.

We narrow our focus while increasing our expertise in the few sports we work.  Those attempting to profit from working NFL to college football into the NBA, NHL and college baskets are fooling themselves and most especially the fumbling followers they attract for generalization is stale and obsolete.  My exaple is that if your son or daughter has a broken bone you take themm to an Orthapediatric specialist not the family poracticioner.  All businesses thriving today do so on specialization and expertise.  This holds true with Profitable Sports gaming though the dinosaur's preaching specialization across all sports will try to get you to think otherwise.

This is business people and my suggestion is rather than 'paying handicappers for picks' you enlist a full time specialized consultant to work with you for your interests…..not theirs!

This is business and our focus is keyed to the realization of our Client's bottom line profitability.


Gamblou.com clients realized a 2-1 this week in the NFL with wins on the Jets +9;  the Vikes +9/Cards +8.5 (teaser) and finally the loss which was Tampa Bay Moneyline.

2017 NFL:  15-11   58%   +5.3u     +17.30 ROI

(ROI includes our sole Future position:  Patriot season win total Under 13 -135. When this  position  matures into profit we will update that line item).


Profitable Sports Gaming

Money Morning: UFC & NFL Accounting - 10/9/2017

Welcome Gaming Enthusiasts to Money Morning.

Foundational to Profitable Sports Gaming is a dedication to the bottom line.  We publish all results for all the sporting events we work for public viewing (anyone may access our results at by going to the GambLou.com webpage and accessing the ‘Profitability’ tab on the top of the page) on line and in real time.  Further each Monday we do a synopsis of the weeks results for any to review.  Any public corporation has to make their books open to the public and we feelit is in our benefit to do so as it differentiates us from the scads of pretenders out there clamoring about cash but reluctant to post actual results.


We realized a 2-0 +2.4u result in Saturdays UFC 216.  Derrick Lewis was the third release but he missed the fight late with a back issue. Favorites this year in the UFC are running at a 66.7% clip (211-89-16*).  Our win percentage of 41.98% is well ahead of the current dog win rate of 33.33% which indicates that our practices are working and while the reults are not what past years have been we need take pride in the fact that our system is working.  We’ll continue to flog our way through the furrow of fav’s in furious fashion make no mistake about it.

2017 UFC:   34-47    41.98%     +5.43u      7.17% ROI


We realized our first losing week of the season in week 5 and while we are unhappy to report that we did save ourselves a unit with a late release on the Chief ML last evening. Week five we realized a 2-3 -1.1u result

2017 NFL:    13-10    56.5%    +2.2u    +7.37 ROI

(ROI includes an ungraded Future ticket on Patriots Under 13 season wins which appears as a loss. Clearly that release has a fine chance of cashing thus increasing the win percentage and ROI substantially upon its grading).

We’re in mid-season grind and there is absolutely no place we’d rather be than….

”right here, right now”


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC 216 Ferguson vs. Lee - 10/7/2017

Fight Enthusiasts we must pay respects and admiration for the tremendous display of togetherness, community and selflessness that has been the city of Las Vegas this past week as they navigate through pure madness.  Profitable Sports gaming is jack squat compared to the important things in life like Faith, Family and Friends.  We acknowledge the community of Las Vegas and send our prayers to those affected in any way.

UFC 216

Duquesnoy -155 vs. Stamman +145

Duq is a young, talented striker with quickness, power, precision and dynamic potential yet to compete in the UFC one must eventually display a well roundedness within ALL the fight specialties that create a world class mixed martial artist.  We’ll find out mucho about Duq tonight as he is in there with a competent wrestling based fighter we feel is getting a bit overlooked in this matchup.  Stamman has seemed nothing spectacular thus far is a grinder and will be relentless to get inside and smother the striker for he knows that he must not allow Duq distance or hell get dropped.  Going with the grinder in an ugly affair…. we hope.

Stamman +145 (released yesterday)

Werdum -245 vs. Lewis +215

We believe Werdum is a dangerous dynamic fighter and is by far more complete on paper and in fighting style than Lewis but his tread is wearing in our view.  He’s forty years old, been in wars and brings with him a breakable beak.  The beast’s fighting style is rough as broken glass but the younger more explosive man is in position to measure his aggression against Werdum and eventually find him without giving himself up for the clinch.  If Lewis is patient he’ll find Fabricio sooner …. or later.

Lewis +225

Ferguson -250 vs. Lee +230

Ferguson is not unbeatable but he is dynamic everywhere, brings bad intention and is a cardiovascular machine……he’s also more experienced, more professional and in this fight, we feel more prepared.  Lee’s been living this fight by using his lips but fact is that he struggled on the scale giving his opponent more time to rehydrate while Lee was laboring with lbs. and dealing in distraction.  Lee’s potentially a future star but this is going to be his PhD in MMA tonight.  That said the time to wager on the Champ has passed.  We shopped the Prop section to come up with what we feel is market advantage tonight.

Props (5Dimes)

Fight starts Rd 3 -170           Over/Under 2.5 -115              Fight starts Rd 4 -105

When studying the above pricing we diagnose advantage in the over 2.5 Rds. 

One would have to pay -170 for the ‘Fight to start 3’ so if we feel this one can go another 2.5 minutes then we can save .55 cents in chalk choking price.  Conversely ‘Fight to start 4’ is a moderate -105 so there is little incentive or value in that consideration.  We expect this main event will enter the middle to Championship rounds as we can’t’/won’t all together discount Lee’s abilities

Over 2.5 -117

GambLou.com Profitable Sports Gaming



Money Morning: NFL Profits- Narrow Focus & Increase Expertise - 10/2/2017

Welcome gaming Enthusiasts to Money Morning.  Each Monday as a practice of Profitable Sports Gaming we provide a precision financial recap of the previous week’s gaming activity. This past week we worked the NFL to a 1-2 result, our first losing week.

Through week four Gamblou.com Clients have realized a 11-7 for 61% win rate producing a 14.6% ROI.  Clients have profited 3.2 units in the first month alone with a Future wager on the Patriots season win total under 13 -135 in the balance (and counted as a loss in our ROI numbers until it is graded).  

We’ve been providing profit in the NFL for years, our results are clearly detailed and available for all to view by accessing the ‘Profitability’ tab at the top of the GambLou.com webpage.  All NFL services are detailed in the 'NFL Consulting' tab for interested parties.

If you are serious about banking bottom line in the NFL over a long term period and want a reputable professional working with you then please consider us. You won’t be sorry.


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Money Morning: NFL Profitability & UFC deposits - 9/25/2017

Good Monday gaming Enthusiasts. 

In the NFL we had another stellar Sunday realizing a 4-2 result.  To date, we are experiencing great returns and will remain dedicated to the known process that produces our profitability across all of the sporting events we work:  Dynamic Due Diligence, Supreme Selectivity and precision Money Management.

NFL 2017: 10-5    75.0%   + 4.5 units   ROI 27.2%

GambLou.com Clients standard unit of investment is $1,100.00 per position. Do the math and then decide why the hail you are not investing with us.  We post all results weekly and our archives list every wager we have made across all sports for the last four years.  (Note: We do work with Enthusiasts who need to start out at 550.00 per unit)


This week we grabbed some green off of the UFC table by splitting our two mangy mutt releases and pocketing profit from the process.  In the UFC 2017 Favorites stand 205-86-14 which is a win percentage of 67%!

UFC 2017:  32-47    40.51%    +3.03 units   +4.12 ROI

Compare our win percentage to that of all dogs this year in the UFC and one can see that we’re ahead of the dogs (win percentage) by several digits.  We’re doing the correct handicapping and biding our time until the correction of canines come crashing in on the parlay playing pukes!

We’re about investment and profitability…why? Because it’s BUSINESS!


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN 117: Submissions from Saitama - 9/22/2017

Welcome Fight Enthusiasts to UFC from Japan which airs tonight!  We've found this card to be interesting on a Due Diligence level and quite unappealing from an investment strategy.  We'll take a small look at a couple mangy mutts today and then turn our attention to UFC 216 in a couple of weeks.

-Let’s Fight-

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we publicize is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the Gamblou.com webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Formiga -400 vs. Sasaki +360

Sasaki is younger, taller, longer and maybe not quite the fighter Formiga is but he's at home and will provide a solid effort against a fighter we feel is in a poor position tonight.

Sasaki +360 (half)

Gadhela -270 vs. Andrade + 250

Gadhela gruels and gropes well on the ground and Andrade must not allow it to happen.  If Andrade' can keep this standing she has advantage.  

Andrade + 250 (half)


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Money Morning: NFL Week II Profitability - 9/18/2017

Welcome Enthusiasts to our Money Morning report.  GambLou.com results are listed here for your review each Monday across all of the sporting events we work.  In this week’s case we passed on UFC Pittsburgh while focusing this weekend on the NFL exclusively.  We publicize all results across all sports always to allow potential clients to review our profitability as well our processes.  Transparency and a program designed for the Client.  Gamblou.com

Week 2 NFL 2-2 (specific selections available in Profitability report).

2017 NFL: 6-3 to date with one sole Future position working which is:

Patriots under 13 season wins -135 (again available in the Profitability report).

The NFL season is just underway and there is still time to consider becoming one of the handful of select GambLou.com NFL Clients.  All information regarding this relationship is available at the top of our webpage under ‘NFL Consulting’.


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