Accounting for every wager, their result and conducting detailed accounting is foundational if one is going to compete with bookmakers for profitability.

For decades I have published results each Monday in my ‘Money Morning’ column.

To date few, very few handicappers record their results let alone publish them which should make any onlooker wary as to whether said handicapper is selling ‘picks’ for their own self-interest as most do or if they are trying to emulate my model which is based solely on modern business practices.

Specifically, all I have done for the last decade plus is deliver profitability to followers. In the future, that’s what I’ll continue to do!

Let’s account:

Favorites in the UFC including last week’s 9-2 favorite result stand: 203-101-14 or 63.8%

Last week in the UFC I realized a 3-3 +1.06u result.

To date in 2023 ‘Bout Business Podcast profitability stands: 69-69 +20.64u 15% ROI (+130)


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