NCAA D1 Baseball’s College World Series

A wright of passage for any young Omahan is to attend the CWS yearly as I did from diapers through college and into my professional life. In fact, in 1980, the Wildcats from the University of Arizona arrived to Omaha (I was then a sophomore at Arizona) to compete in and eventually win the National Tournament.

I’ve owned season tickets since and attend this outstanding event almost every year. This Tourney is in my blood and my unique understanding of the new stadium, it’s location and physical characteristics allow me to gain advantage from the many simply handicapping the teams.

Passion for college baseball is growing as fast as the CWS tournament itself and its regional/super regional qualifiers are.

My due diligence and history in this tourney position me to release profitable future wagers and daily releases throughout this 12-day tournament with many futures positions released prior to the regional Tourneys.

Interested parties should click the ‘CWS’ page at the top of this webpage and get directed to more information.

Thank You and Play Ball!

Campbell Conference game 6: Seeing Stars?

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Dallas hosts Las Vegas tonight in what should be one whale of a hockey contest.

Dallas is going to have to overcome the letdown of coming home for few in the realm of hockey betting know better than we ‘road dung dogsters’ that traveling teams in the NHL playoffs this year are a gravy train!

Playoffs thus far:

Underdogs 42-36-4    Road Dung 45-37    Over 41-40-1 (6-3 this round)

GambLou puck profitability:  49-38 +23.20 33% ROI



Knights +120


Profitable Sports Gaming

Memorial Day 2023

Special Note: College World Series Regional releases by Friday June 2! Hit the CWS tab for more information!


Thank You to all Former, Current or soon to be Veterans!

We’re able to do what we do because of your unselfishness. You are all true heroes!

God Bless you all

Campbell conference: Las Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars

48-38 +22.39u 32% ROI

Las Vegas is sixty minutes away from seriously jeopardizing their Campbell conference title hopes.

If Dallas can manage to execute a ‘thief in the night’ victory in sin city then they must be regarded as dangerous as hell for the Campbell Cup. Dallas taking this series to six or seven is a real Knightmare for Las Vegas so look for an immediate, strong forceful push from the Knights as soon as they drop the puck.

Dallas opened +115 and I see +130/+135 which system says is a buy

Dallas +135 .6u

Campbell Conference consternation

Tonight, we have game 4 of the Stars and Knights. Las Vegas has systematically disassembled the Dallas Stars, Jamie Benn’s hit on Golden Knight Mark Stone coupled with the classlessness of the Dallas fans tossing debris onto the ice was horrifying. Those cowpokes in Texas ought to take a few lessons in manners.

Meanwhile their team is cooked and their season over…..after tonight that is.

Dallas opened -125 and without that bitch Benn, they’ll have to play a complete 60 minutes of hockey in order to have any chance at taking this back to Las Vegas.

Jake Oettinger may never recover from the complete meltdown he incurred throughout the duration of this series and for him I do feel poorly but for the hockey fans in Dallas I am tickled the Stars have been shot down.

On the business side, I have 3 units of Dallas Futures which will be debited from my balance as soon as they are sent packing. I also have a net +1.5 units coming from the Knights +1.5 games prop made earlier in the series resulting in a net loss of 1.5u.

That accounting will be made as soon as this series is over.

The opening for tonight’s game was Stars -125 and what I make as over reaction to the loss of that butthead Benn translates into a little advantage for the home team who by the way bookmakers KNEW would be without the captain.

Stars -104

Either way the Stanley Cup Final begins Saturday, June 3 and I’ll be all over it.


Profitable Sports Gaming

Wales Conference: Florida vs. Carolina

No doubt Florida looks and feels like the real deal but let me caution puckheads that we must be wary of time off, not necessarily in this series but between this one and the Cup final.

Too much rest sounds impossible, it actually sounds desirable, but an imbalance of rest mostly means loss of mojo, sluggish starts and heavy legs EARLY IN A SERIES.

At least if the Panthers are going to win the Wales quickly then they could be in fortunate position because the Knights may acquiesce and do the same against a Dallas team that lost its composure and Campbell Cup with Benn’s bush league cross-check attack on Mark Stone in that last game.

At the end of the day, an equal amount of rest for both teams is desired but not more than 3-4 days unless we want the quality of the hockey to suffer a bit out the gate.

As it is Florida will come a slight underdog in the Final series should they and the Knights meet.

Puck Profitability 2023: 46-36 +21.54 33% ROI

Tonight: We’ve had success with the under in this series but all good thing come to an eventual end.

In Game 1, the total closed 5.5 -130 Over and the game went under the total, Game 2 the total was 5.5 -125 Over and the game went Under, in the last game, Game 3, the total was 5.5 -110 and the result was again an easy Under.

For game 4 the ‘Makers did their part and hung an opening 5.5 Pick-em and the hoards have flocked in to bet the under to current pricing: 5.5 Under -130/-135.

Tonight’s positions: Prop parlay: Series total games, how about a bomb!

Carolina/Florida 6 games +550 to Dallas/Las Vegas 5 games +220; 20/1  .3u

Straight wager:

Carolina/Florida Over 5.5 +115 1u


Profitable Sports Gaming

Dallas Stars vs. Las Vegas Golden Knights

Last evening in the Wales, I realized a 1-2 result with the loss of .55u.

The Canes look whipped and Florida looks formidable. How about the Matthew Tkachuk Conn Smythe ticket!

As I handicap this Campbell Final, I can’t help believe that the handicap of the Stars was an accurate one. What was missed was the handicap on Jake Oettinger. Thus far in this Campbell playoff season, the only fail on par with that of the Edmonton Oilers is Oettinger’s lack of dynamic for the Stars.

Tonight, there’s home crowd, expectation and heavy betting on the side of the Stars.

The Golden Knight opened +115 and are now +140 and rising…

Road dung

Knights +140


Profitable Sports Gaming

Wales Final game 3 Carolina at Florida

Welcome puckheads, in both the Wales and Campbell conference tourney’s we have teams a with 2-0 series leads. Tonight, the Panthers return home with a 2-0 lead over the ‘Canes who have had well more playoff success at home than on the road.

In tonight’s most important tilt, the Hurricanes aspire to be the ninth team in NHL history and second in as many years to win a best-of-seven Conference Finals/Semifinals series after dropping each of the first two games. A tall task but an impossible one?

Betting lines for this contest have been unchanged really for the past day or so which means we’ll have to earn our profit tonight!

My feelings are that Carolina must win this game if they have any ambition of realizing each man’s dreams by hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup this year. We’ll get a desperate, focused effort from Brind ‘Amour’s bunch tonight.

I believe if we were to get a ‘Cane game, then that game tends to be an ‘under’ game. I see little chance Carolina can go into Florida and win a back n forth shootout style of hockey hoedown rather they need to pen the Panthers.

Hurricane’s -105

Hurricanes -1.5 +220 .5u

Interesting or a tell that that the Panthers -1.5 is -230 and longer odds than the Canes?!

Under 5.5 -105

“when they said sit down, I stood up”

Bruce Springsteen Growin up


Profitable Sports Gaming

Money Morning May 22: Profitability report

Good Day

Except for NFL season, Mondays are for weekly accounting.

Just as any business must have their finger on the pulse of their operation so too does Profitable Sports Gaming need to operate as a living functioning profit making entity.

Now there are hoards that gamble and don’t account and for those players we have nothing but respect because I view betting for recreation as one thing…..

What I do here is quite another.

In the UFC after this past week’s 3-2 + .15u result:

41-37 +11.67u 15% ROI

In the Tournament of Passion:

44-34 +20.69u 33% ROI

These NHL numbers are staggering, my results in the Stanley Cup Tourney over the course of the last 45 years have been proudly profitable. That said, even in 2012 When Jonathan Quick took me to Cup heaven as a 25/1 investor in the LA Kings, I have not realized the consistency enjoyed to date.

We’re currently mid-round in Wales and Campbell pursuits so there’s much work remaining to be done.

It’s Business.

Tonight, there’s passion so I’ll be back later to discuss any releases.

The UFC takes a rare week off which is welcome.

I’ll be fresh and ready to fire for the June 3 UFC event headlined by Kai Kara-France and Amir Albazi from the UFC APEX.

While many MMA folk will bellyache and complain about the card or cards with more obscure talent laced throughout, I’ll remain finitely focused on deriving winning opportunity from that fight card.

Remember fight enthusiasts, there was a fifteen-year period I survived (barely) without focusing on any form of fight competition because boxing had become, and still is, rife with filth, greed, avarice and self-interest.

While I am not hesitant to criticize UFC misconduct and self-interest of which there is much, I’m also quite grateful for the fact that they put on some 44 to 47 fight productions each year.

These productions allow me to operate the successful MMA business you are watching me operate each week…

For that I’m surely thankful.

College World Series Releases coming Early June!


Profitable Sports Gaming

Sunday Puck Passion: Golden Knights vs. Stars

I’ll have much more to say tomorrow but for now we hit a couple nice releases last evening and I’ll hope to continue the feverish pitch into today.

Golden Knights open -125 and now I see -112 to -120 out there.

Golden Knights -115

Recap with profits manana. Enjoy your day