UFC Money Morning report: blanked!

GambLou weekly UFC profitability took a step backwards last week as I realized a 0-4 -3.5unit evening Saturday in the UFC.

While it’s never easy to report loss, it’s part of the landscape of running a successful business and besides I’ve had so few losing nights thus year that this is easy to account for. I did after all use only a half unit on Christo Giagos which saved us a half a unit.

Rarely do I sweep a UFC board and rarely will I get blanked, each has occurred in the last four weeks which is funny. I would expect it to be some time before wither happen again… I presume.

NFL is now 2 weeks into the season so I’ll begin to post mid-week observations and rants pertaining to NFL starting this week.

UFC 2023: 77-78 +22.80u 15%ROI (+130)


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UFC Noche Grasso vs. Shechenko: Bulletproof!

Never in my wildest imaginations did I believe that Sean Strickland would actually execute the proper plan of attack to clasp the middleweight title away from former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. Strickland with his one-sided decision win has left the MMA community dumbfounded heading into this week’s card.

Now this week from the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas comes ‘Noche UFC’ an event described by the UFC as, “The UFC brings an action-packed card to T-Mobile Arena on Mexican Independence Day for the first time ever. It has become a great tradition in combat sports to hold big fights on September 16th, and this year we’re honoring our UFC fans and fighters from Mexican communities with an inaugural Noche UFC.”

On this fight card are six true Mexican fighters and another three of Mexican heritage now residing in the US. They’ll take on other athletes from around the globe in this event highlighted by current Mexican flyweight champion Alexa Grasso’s first defense which is a rematch with former champion Valentina Shevchenko who Grasso submitted to earn the title this past March.

Last week we realized great displeasure by wagering on the ‘Pleasure man’ Anton Turkalj. We step back in profitability with the goal of enhancing that bottom line with this week’s release.

Champion Alexa Grasso +140 vs. Valentina Schevchenko -165 Women’s flyweight (125lbs.) title

This line opened months ago Schevchenko -225. Immediately after release I advised ‘Bout Business Podcast listeners to attack that Grasso +195 price. As we can see that price is long gone and the current number depicts a more realistic price on this bout in my judgement.

Shevchenko’s shown an ebb in her effectiveness for a couple of fights now and intertwined with that slight erosion of skill has been the evolution of seeing Valentina in evening wear, out on the town and actually enjoying life a little bit.

While she’s surely earned that right, I can only relay what I was taught by ol’ Angelo Dundee many years ago and I have found this to be so true of fighters.

Dundee would warn of the paradox in this manner; once a fighter who started with little to nothing earns the reputation and rich’s they’ve longed for from their fighting success, it’s that notoriety, money and distraction coming from the public accolades that end up diluting the fighter’s skills. Yes, success corrodes and dulls the focus, drive, desire of championship level fighters.

Valentina’s mind knows she can overcome most any obstacle because previously she has always been able to overcome any obstacle. However, she’s now thirty-five and has been competing with absolutely every world class adversary the organization put in front of her since 2015.

Valentina’s well rounded, she’s highly intelligent and keenly driven. In this fight it will be 70% of her pride yearning to recapture that title substantiated with 30% grit, determination and nasty.

For Grasso, she’s has months to reprepare for this second challenge. The old boxing saying that fighters become 35% better once they clasp the championship is not inaccurate in my judgement.

In March Grasso utilized speed, timing and her specific plan for success which ended up being enough to earn her the title. So now Grasso and camp know they had the formula to defeat the unbeatable ‘Bullet’ Valentina but as they enter the cage for this tussle, how will they adjust if at all?

Different in this fight is the pressure Grasso will carry into the cage for not only is she fighting the former champion but the crowd will be chalk full of Mexican fight enthusiasts all yearning to see their fighter dominate. So yes, there is pressure on Grasso entering this rematch.

Once the bell rings for this bout I look for Valentina to immediately try to bully Gasso and back her up.

Grasso will need to face the fire but she’ll realize too that it’s in her best interest to bully the bully, Valentina! In fact, Grasso taking this fight to Valentina seems a great way to instill doubt immediately into the Russian’s mind and let her know immediately that the ‘orgullo de los Mexicanos’ or Mexican pride will inspire Grasso in her attempt to retain her title.

Grasso +195 was surely a wrong price. Grasso +150 is more in line. It’s difficult for me to recommend Grasso +150 when I already hold her +195 so I’ll look to a bout other than tis main event to pad 2023 profitability.

Total in this fight: 4.5Rds. Over -155

This price indicates a potentially close, competitive decision

Tracy Cortez -125 vs. Jasmine Jasudavicious +105 women’s flyweight

Tracy Cortez comes from a family of wrestlers. Her forward pressure, clinch attack and cardio are what one would expect from a top end grinding wrestler.

Cortez has faced decent UFC caliber foes and she’s shown an ability to press the pace and utilize her wrestling in the cage. The issue here however is that this is mixed martial arts competition and Cortez, though apt as a pressure wrestler, is lacking with her striking and strike evasion which offers opponents a singularly versed opponent.

Jasmine enters this fight the larger lady, the older fighter and the athlete with deeper experience. She’s also been in the cage with a higher caliber set of opponents. Jasmine is coming off an impressive victory over another forward pressing wrestling- based athlete in Miranda Maverick, one I handicap to be at or above the ability of Ms. Cortez. The Maverick bout could not have come at a better time for Jasmine for it is a terrific precursor to Ms. Cortez as both are very similar in fighting style.

Jasmine’s experience, her size, the absolute bad intention she carries and above all her effective power striking will be the difference in this fight as she’s seen fighters similarly equipped as Cortez. Meanwhile Jasmine represents a substantial step up in class for Cortez and one that will do all she can to finish this fight.

The contention here is that Jasudavicious should be the athlete with the minus next to her name so I find it advantageous to invest in Jasudavicious +105.

Total in this fight: 2.5Rds Over -350

GambLou’s ‘Bout Business Podcast drops every Friday there is a UFC fight card. This week the Pod will be available around 1pm PT!

Enjoy the fights and Thank you for reading


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I believe in Deion Sanders

It’s been many years since I handicapped college football however, I do pay enough attention to know that Arizona University is on its way to national standing, I believe the SEC is unmatched in level of player and level of play and I believe the rich will continue to get richer in the CFB sphere.

Now with that said, no one other than Deion could come into the quagmire of status quo college football and turn the world on it’s head like Sanders did, is doing and will continue to do.

Deion came to Colorado to create a feeder program for the NFL and in months he’s created the foothold to become THE MODEL for farm system NFL players.

Those who continue to be stubborn and find fault in Colorado’s opponents, approach or head coach they’d better understand that what we saw last Saturday was not An Apex for Colorado’s football team but a floor.

I spent time in football huddles from 1966 to 1993 and I fully, comprehensively, and concretely believe in Deion, his aptitude as a coach and the success that will immediately come his way.

Sanders is turning CFB on its head and those that are stubborn and refuse to believe come mostly from the ‘never been in a huddle before’ crowd.



Money Morning: Account or profit will never amount!

This week profit was derived from the UFC. In fact, the UFC is the sole sport where one is able to bet over the course of the whole fiscal year.

While most handicappers have their ‘seasons’ we chasing UFC profitability go from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 or as you kids like to say, 24/7/365.

This past week I realized a 2-2 + .50u result WITH the Prado -115 winner being tied to Tom Aspinall +128 in next week’s event from the O2 arena in London, England.

To date ‘Bout Business Podcast:  58-53 +18.06u 16%ROI (+123)

This week I’m preparing two NFL teams per day for the upcoming NFL season beside the normal workload I undertake for the UFC. Success in both the NFL and the UFC as well all the sports I work comes from tireless due diligence.

I do my own work and I post my actual results. Few do either!

My NFL consulting is not for everyone in fact it is for the very few but if you have real ambitions of realizing bottom line profitability in the NFL then I would urge you to hit the ‘NFL Consulting’ tab at the top of this page.

Enjoy the week.

UFC Fight Night Holm vs. Bueno Silva: Devil wears Prado

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Last week at UFC 290, favorites ran 7-6 pushing their rate of success this year to a ten year low of 61.1% after finishing last year at a ten year high of just over 67%. *

My release last week of Volkanovski ITD to Moreno was unsuccessful as Moreno lost a tight split decision to Alexandre Pantoja.

Profitability this year stands 11-10 +2.15

This week we march towards the third of five straight events for the UFC in July with this Fight Night event from their APEX Center before traveling overseas to London for next week’s production.

Holly Holm -155 vs. Mayra Bueno Silva +135 Women’s bantamweight (135lbs.) main even

The bantamweight division once owned and operated by former champion Amada Nunes is currently without a titleholder.

This Holm vs. Bueno Silva fight will go a long way in clarifying at least the winner of this bout’s claim as being a legitimately regarded a top three talent in the division.

Bueno Silva’s ranked tenth in the division and arrives here after winning three straight fights against just better than nominal talent after she was defeated four fights back by number two ranked Marian Fiorot in a 125lb. flyweight fight.

Bueno Silva, a purple belt in BJJ is well more effective and efficient an athlete at 135lbs. because she now possesses the energy to fight ferociously for fifteen minutes but she’s in against an athlete in Holm that’s competed at 145lbs. prior so Bueno Silva will have to overcome some Holm size in this tussle.

When on her game Bueno Silva’s an aggressive forward pressing fighter who will look to engage Holm first, then do the difficult by trying to press her backwards and into the fence then attempt to transport her to the floor for a flogging.

In this bout Bueno Silva will be giving up a couple of inches of height and reach to Holly though it’s Bueno Silva who will be the younger athlete by a decade.

Holly Holm, ‘the preacher’s daughter’ is a grizzled veteran of the UFC. Versed as a blue belt in BJJ she’s also fluent in kickboxing and boxing. 8-6 in the UFC with a championship title victory over one Ronda Rousey some years ago are just a few of the highlights from Holm’s decorated career.

Once the bell rings for the start of this bout I’ll look to see how long it takes Buena Silva to penetrate the distance/spacing control of Holm for Holm wants to utilize movement to create the distance, space she requires in order to piece-up the incoming aggressor.

Bueno Silva on the other hand needs to make this fight an elbow to eyebrow brawl. She needs to immediately engage Holm, bully her and turn this into a grimy, ugly, clasping maul.

Engaged, pressed into the cage or rolling on the mat are where Bueno Silva must take this bout. By all means she needs to avoid allowing this competition to become a stand-up kickboxing match for she’s poorly equipped to compete with the more experienced, cagey, refined kickboxer Holly Holm there.

This is a substantial step up for Bueno Silva but one I believe she may be ready for.

While Holly Holm must be regarded as an elite threat in the division and a rightful favorite in this fight, she is now forty-one and just as unable to deal with Bueno Silva’s grappling should this fight hit the floor as Bueno Silva is competing at range against Holm.

Which athlete will force their fight upon the other?

Holm opened -175. She is now -165

Total in this bout 4.5 over -195

Despite this being in the smaller 25’ cage at the APEX, these 135ers will have plenty of room to maneuver so cage size does not apply to this bout as much as it does for the larger bodied athletes.

Nazim Sadykov -150 vs. Terrance McKinney +125 Lightweight (155lbs.)

Sadykov arrives from the white-hot Longo and Weidman MMA camp in New York so we know this kid has a solid work ethic, can wrestle/grapple, is fit to fight for ten rounds and is tough as the rest of those assassins in that gym.

In McKinney we get a fighter who will have more UFC experience in this spot, he’ll be the younger man who utilizes a switch stance and has a four-inch reach advantage.

Sadykov will look to clasp and fight McKinney up tight and in close and McKinney must use his experience, his athleticism and he must also use form fight IQ because if McKinney is not prepared to fight for a full fifteen against this frantic beast he’ll be submitted.

If McKinney can effectively pace himself and keep the less savvy fighter on the outside of his strikes, he could get the young man from Azerbaijan frustrated and then this fight swings to McKinney’s favor as the minutes wear on.

However, Sadykov’s single point of focus will be to force McKinney backwards and keep him defending takedowns as this will force McKinney into expending energy early so Sadykov can take manage control of this fight late.

McKinney’s wrestling chops seem to be getting overlooked in this matchup a bit. McKinney’s wrestling is on par with Sadykov’s. I believe McKinney’s cage experience as well the fact he’s bouncing off a poor performance in his last fight have him matched favorably in this bout.

McKinney opened -145 in this bout and now he’s +115. I believe the market has this one incorrect.

McKinney +125*

*This is a buy now

Total in this fight: 1.5Rds. Under -185

McKinney ITD numbers will be released later this week and I do have some interest there.

GambLou ‘Bout Business Podcast drops Friday mid-day. Get it anywhere you get your podcasts.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the fights.

*I’ve been tracking UFC results for just over a decade now.


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Money Morning: Accounting

I publicize results regularly for business purposes of course but also because so few do. They’re simply unable derive profit from their wagering so early on I thought I’d let my profitability be public knowledge in order to be able to offer a voice when it comes to Profitable Sports Gaming.

In fact, I’d like readers to know that here is where you may come to peruse articles and offerings all designed to contribute to your growth and development as a profitable gambler.

Last week in the UFC 290 card I realized a 3-2 +2.10u result.

To date in 2023 the ‘Bout Business Podcast stands: 56-51 +17.46u 16% ROI (+122)

The ‘Bout Business Podcast drops each Friday there is a UFC event which is some 44-47 weeks per year!

You may access GambLou’s ‘Bout Business Podcast simply by hitting the ‘UFC’ tab at the top of this webpage. You’ll be provided a direct link to the broadcast.

I have exciting offerings as we approach the fall so please keep this page bookmarked, if you have any questions or issues: Lou@GambLou.com


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Memorial Day 2023

Special Note: College World Series Regional releases by Friday June 2! Hit the CWS tab for more information!


Thank You to all Former, Current or soon to be Veterans!

We’re able to do what we do because of your unselfishness. You are all true heroes!

God Bless you all

Campbell conference: Las Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars

48-38 +22.39u 32% ROI

Las Vegas is sixty minutes away from seriously jeopardizing their Campbell conference title hopes.

If Dallas can manage to execute a ‘thief in the night’ victory in sin city then they must be regarded as dangerous as hell for the Campbell Cup. Dallas taking this series to six or seven is a real Knightmare for Las Vegas so look for an immediate, strong forceful push from the Knights as soon as they drop the puck.

Dallas opened +115 and I see +130/+135 which system says is a buy

Dallas +135 .6u

Campbell Conference consternation

Tonight, we have game 4 of the Stars and Knights. Las Vegas has systematically disassembled the Dallas Stars, Jamie Benn’s hit on Golden Knight Mark Stone coupled with the classlessness of the Dallas fans tossing debris onto the ice was horrifying. Those cowpokes in Texas ought to take a few lessons in manners.

Meanwhile their team is cooked and their season over…..after tonight that is.

Dallas opened -125 and without that bitch Benn, they’ll have to play a complete 60 minutes of hockey in order to have any chance at taking this back to Las Vegas.

Jake Oettinger may never recover from the complete meltdown he incurred throughout the duration of this series and for him I do feel poorly but for the hockey fans in Dallas I am tickled the Stars have been shot down.

On the business side, I have 3 units of Dallas Futures which will be debited from my balance as soon as they are sent packing. I also have a net +1.5 units coming from the Knights +1.5 games prop made earlier in the series resulting in a net loss of 1.5u.

That accounting will be made as soon as this series is over.

The opening for tonight’s game was Stars -125 and what I make as over reaction to the loss of that butthead Benn translates into a little advantage for the home team who by the way bookmakers KNEW would be without the captain.

Stars -104

Either way the Stanley Cup Final begins Saturday, June 3 and I’ll be all over it.


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Wales Conference: Florida vs. Carolina

No doubt Florida looks and feels like the real deal but let me caution puckheads that we must be wary of time off, not necessarily in this series but between this one and the Cup final.

Too much rest sounds impossible, it actually sounds desirable, but an imbalance of rest mostly means loss of mojo, sluggish starts and heavy legs EARLY IN A SERIES.

At least if the Panthers are going to win the Wales quickly then they could be in fortunate position because the Knights may acquiesce and do the same against a Dallas team that lost its composure and Campbell Cup with Benn’s bush league cross-check attack on Mark Stone in that last game.

At the end of the day, an equal amount of rest for both teams is desired but not more than 3-4 days unless we want the quality of the hockey to suffer a bit out the gate.

As it is Florida will come a slight underdog in the Final series should they and the Knights meet.

Puck Profitability 2023: 46-36 +21.54 33% ROI

Tonight: We’ve had success with the under in this series but all good thing come to an eventual end.

In Game 1, the total closed 5.5 -130 Over and the game went under the total, Game 2 the total was 5.5 -125 Over and the game went Under, in the last game, Game 3, the total was 5.5 -110 and the result was again an easy Under.

For game 4 the ‘Makers did their part and hung an opening 5.5 Pick-em and the hoards have flocked in to bet the under to current pricing: 5.5 Under -130/-135.

Tonight’s positions: Prop parlay: Series total games, how about a bomb!

Carolina/Florida 6 games +550 to Dallas/Las Vegas 5 games +220; 20/1  .3u

Straight wager:

Carolina/Florida Over 5.5 +115 1u


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