NFL Consulting; GambLou Fiscal Business report 1st half 2024

July is upon us and I am currently undertaking the detailed and comprehensive process of ingesting Warren Sharp’s NFL manifesto which is a refined and detailed NFL team by team breakdown as only Warren can provide.

By the end of July, I will be prepared to offer season win Investments, Future wagers as well begin preparation for the welcome grind that is the NFL regular season and its playoffs.

Interested parties need simply tap the ‘NFL Consulting’ tab at the top of this webpage to access detailed information on the specifics of my service. Any interested parties may also hit me up for 2022 and 2023 NFL results for their review and consideration.

As a note my retention rate for the last decade has been almost 100% with NFL clients the and I look forward to serving those investors again in 2024 as well as new individuals looking to earn on the NFL in 2024.

Here is a snapshot of all results through the first half of the 2024 fiscal year.

          UFC:                                       51-61  +5.47u     5% ROI

College World Series:                       14-13   +3.05u   12% ROI

Stanley Cup Tournament                 39-54  <1.55u> -2% ROI*

*This is the first time since 2013 that I have experienced a negative ROI in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. While unfortunate, I report actual results and all clients can count on the integrity of my results as well, the recording of said results. I had a banner 2023 season and my performance in 2024 is simply as the above numbers state.

2024 NHL clients have been offered an incentive to return next year for the Tournament and I will say that any new clients interested in the ’25 Stanley Cup should understand that it’s going to be another decade or more before I lose capitol on this Tournament again!

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