It’s been many years since I handicapped college football however, I do pay enough attention to know that Arizona University is on its way to national standing, I believe the SEC is unmatched in level of player and level of play and I believe the rich will continue to get richer in the CFB sphere.

Now with that said, no one other than Deion could come into the quagmire of status quo college football and turn the world on it’s head like Sanders did, is doing and will continue to do.

Deion came to Colorado to create a feeder program for the NFL and in months he’s created the foothold to become THE MODEL for farm system NFL players.

Those who continue to be stubborn and find fault in Colorado’s opponents, approach or head coach they’d better understand that what we saw last Saturday was not An Apex for Colorado’s football team but a floor.

I spent time in football huddles from 1966 to 1993 and I fully, comprehensively, and concretely believe in Deion, his aptitude as a coach and the success that will immediately come his way.

Sanders is turning CFB on its head and those that are stubborn and refuse to believe come mostly from the ‘never been in a huddle before’ crowd.