NCAA College World Series: The Greatest Show on Dirt

Omaha’s College World Series, the Greatest Show on Dirt

Initial Future releases available Tuesday May 27th

Next week NCAA baseball’s Regional playoffs for the NCAA Hardball Championship begin.

This Tourney starts May 31st with 64 squads for the Regionals then whittle down to 16 teams that compete in the Super Regional weekend which is the following weekend.

The College World Series begins June 14th and is played until June 23/24.

In Omaha the final 8 teams are bracketed into a double elimination tourney where the final two teams play in a best of three series to determine the National Champion.

This Tourney is one of the select events I handicap.

This year I’ll offer select Future positions prior to Regional play as well I’ll offer Regional series wagers and daily positions.

I’ll follow up with more Future releases prior to the Super Regional weekend so that CWS investors can hold as great an advantage on select teams prior to the CWS event’s first pitch as possible.

Interested Investors simply need to go to the ‘CWS’ tab at the top of this webpage to view all details for this year’s NCAA Baseball Tournament.

Of all the memberships offered on the webpage, the CWS membership is the most affordable.

Omaha’s College World Series….The Greatest Show on Dirt!

UFC FN St. Louis: Lewis vs. Nascimento: Nursultan of Swing

From South America to St. Louis, Mo. we track for this week’s UFC Fight Night event.

This fight slate is comprised of thirteen scheduled bouts to be competed in the larger thirty-foot octagon with participants arriving from thirteen differing countries.

Six of the thirteen bouts feature athletes 170lbs or greater.

Finish rates in three round fights comprised of fighters weighing 170lbs and above are 58.3%, so we may witness violent finishes on this card, at least that is the hope!

Last week Alexandre Pantoja -185 earned a close decision victory over Steve Erceg as well my release of big dog Anthony Smith +435 won via first round submission. What was not anticipated was how efficiently Smith would dispose of Vitor Petrino his Brazilian foe as I advised the over 1.5 Rounds. Smith disposed of Petrino some two minutes into the fight.

Digital profit for 2024 now stands 12-8 +7.73 after last week’s success. The task this week is to keep momentum rolling as we search for profitability in this week’s event.

Derrick Lewis -145 vs. Rodrigo Nascimento +125 heavyweight (265lbs.) main event

Brazilian mixed martial artist Nascimento is the fifteenth ranked athlete in the division. The thirty-one-year-old is a blue belt in BJJ and overall, a well-rounded grappler/striker who steps up in level of competition for this his first five round main event.

Derrick Lewis is now thirty-nine and ranked twelfth in the division. Lewis is not a mixed martial artist rather he is a behemoth of a man who stalks opponents down in order to club them into unconsciousness with his singularly dimensioned one strike KO power.

Lewis is short on footwork, take down defense and stamina though early in fights he displays athleticism and explosion though the limit for his explosiveness is around four minutes, after that Lewis is a telegraphing headhunter.

At this stage of his career, when Lewis fights, he’s calculating how best to expend his precious energy as his one way to earn victory is to touch the opponent on the teeth. With one detonation Lewis can put adversaries to sleep with one telegraphed connection.

That is Lewis’ plan of attack in any fight.

Nascimento’s last three bouts have all gone to decision so he can effectively compete for fifteen minutes, and it must be his approach to take Lewis past the first five minutes to burden the ‘Black Beast,’ force him to tire and therefore make any takedown attempt that much easier to execute.

The issue for Nascimento may be his chin. Is his sole loss earlier in his career to journeyman Chris Daukaus who is no longer in the organization, Nascimento was knocked out and Daukaus has fractions of the speed and power that Lewis holds.

Should Nascimento who opened a pick-em against Lewis be ‘chinny’ as that fight against Daukaus indicated then it is fair to say that he is in real danger against a profuse pounder like Lewis.

The total in this fight is lines 1.5 Under -145 which is concerning if one is trying to make a case for the Brazilian traveling to the ‘show me state’ to compete against a pure knockout threat like Lewis.


Joaquin Buckley -170 vs. Nursultan Ruziboev +145 Welterweight (170lbs.) co main event

We last saw eleventh ranked Buckley 18-6 overwhelm top fifteen ranked Vicente Luque with his power striking in New York March 30th. That display put Buckley in the rankings as well put the division on notice that this man is a natural born finisher.

Buckley rarely employs a wrestling base developed in high school as his vicious fighting style was groomed in the streets of East St. Louis.

Besides fighting in his home city, Buckley totes momentum into this fight and he is exuding great confidence. Confidence is one weapon UFC fighters often boomerang into dynamic success.

Ruziboev, 34-8-2 enters this fight with vast experience though there are legitimate questions surrounding the authenticity of his record as well the caliber of athletes he’s faced.

Fighting out of the Renzo Gracie camp in Philly which is known for its cultivation and refining of wrestling/grappling based talent, Ruziboev enters this fight off an impressive KO finish of the modestly talented Sedriques Dumas which he accomplished March 30th on the same card as his opponent Buckley.

Ruziboev will hold seven inches of height supremacy and another four inches of leg reach besides his vast advantage grappling.

To date, we have not witnessed Ruziboev tussle against pedigreed UFC talent nor have we watched him have to endure any form or real trouble. That changes in this fight.

Once this scrap starts Ruziboev will look to distance himself strategically from the aggressive keg of TNT that is Buckley. Buckley will be impatient in his attempt to gain inside access and detonate hooks, crosses, elbows, and kicks on the tall man from Uzbekistan.

Ruziboev has everything to gain in this most intriguing battle. He must weather the furious first five minutes of this fight then find a way to clasp ahold of and press the explosive Buckley against the fence then onto the floor.

Then, after Buckley’s explosiveness is usurped by battle (that is the hope anyway) the fight could well turn to the towering, but well-structured grappler Ruziboev who uses a grinding methodology as opposed to immediate and sudden impact.

‘Styles make fights’ as Angelo Dundee used to chime and I regard this fight as exhibit ‘A’ for that quote.

Buckley opened -150 for this fight and his price has risen steadily early in the week.

The total in this fight is 1.5 over -130 which indicates potential success for the Uzbeki grappler as I do see this fight eclipsing that total.

I am back to an underdog release this week.

Ruziboev +145

GambLou ‘Bout Business Podcast with all my releases for this fight card will drop Friday mid-day Pacific time. Look for it at

Enjoy the fights and thank you for reading.

2024 Kentucky Derby: Releases by Brutha Shue

Horse Players

Welcome to the Kentucky Derby breakdown. My college cohort Shue from New Orleans is kind enough to take the time to list his derby releases for our perusal. Shue’s been white hot leading up to the Derby and what he says is what I’ll be betting… enjoy and Good Luck! 

OK my brother, here we go:

#2 SIERRA LEONE (3-1) will win – no doubt about it.  Rain or shine – and I actually like him more in mud!  Yeah, his fastest closing time(s) was on a muddy track in the Remson and then next fastest was in the slop for the Risen Star!  Yes, he is one tough muddah!  I also like his Beyer speed fig progressions: 71-91-95-98.  No regression at all!  A must have to win the KD IMO.

#4 CATCHING FREEDOM (8-1) is the only closest nag I can see getting there.  Excellent closing times in most, if not all of his races.  Another one with steady Beyer speed fig progressions: 72-77-87-87-97.  But he is also is a deep, deep closer as is Sierra, along with my next pick…

#7 HONOR MARIE (20-1)I can see making a run at all of them.   Another deep closer with some of the fastest final 1/4’s, especially in the LAD when he ran just a half tick behind CF at 1-3/16 mind you.  His only Beyer fig regression, (71-81-92-80-96), was in the slop in the Risen Star – so his 5th place finish is excused.  He just ain’t no muddah!  But boy oh boy, I really like him to pop in the KD if on a dry track.  20-1ish??  I’ll take that!  But as of this writing, has him at 12-1 currently.  Now…BEWARE, should the track somehow become “muddy” Friday evening, you must toss him and save your $ – he does not like the mud.  So you’ll have to wait until the final to see how they rate the track.

My Outlier:

#6 JUST STEEL (20-1); well, this is the nag I can see mucking up the exotics.  Will probably stalk the leaders and perhaps, could overtake, or at least hold on for a 3rd place finish?  D Wayne might just have his nag ready to pop.  And he is the most experienced horse in the race, along with West Saratoga with 10 races each.  So why not!

The Weather:

As of this writing, it looks like some rain Thursday night, on into Friday and, off and on through Saturday – but I think the track could be fast by post time, 6pm-ish CST Saturday.  But if the track is wet, muddy or sloppy, Sierra Leone will absolutely win – with Catching Freedom running just a tick behind him.


Look for Track Phantom, Fierceness, Just A Touch and Dornoch to hustle for the lead right away.  Yet, Fierceness, IMO, will probably stalk once Track Phantom is all the way in front.  I think Just Steel will effort to stalk as well.  Meantime, Sierra Leone, Catching Freedom and Honor Marie will trail throughout, bringing up the rear, as is their usual.  And my hope is these three will swing 6,7,8 wide on the final turn and start reeling in the 15+ rivals ahead of them.  Need a fast opening ¼…like 22-ish to help my closers.

 Will fade the Japanese horses, T O Password and Forever Young because I have no stats to run on them.  I have race replays only.  But Forever Young would be the only one to be a threat.  And the Japanese are getting very, very close to winning – I just hope this is not their year.

 No FIERCENESS (5-2) for me. Too inconsistent for my liking.  I think once he starts getting bounced around heading to that first turn, he might just shut down.  And I am not interested in putting any $ on a heavy fav with that possibility – no value here.  I also think he ran his best race in the Florida Derby.  He ran a 110 Beyer Speed Figure and I do not think there is an upside to that – meaning he will regress IMO.  His figs are 95-59-105-84-110.  Yet on the other hand, if he is this monster horse, he could go gate to wire if fully unleashed and the, now 16 hole, could help him avoid getting jostled around.  But I am still going to toss him.

Thank You Shue for your time and effort! 

‘Sneak-Teep’ UFC 301 Pantoja vs. Erceg: Rio Bravo

This week’s UFC 301 will be held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil for a card that features a Brazil against the world theme as Brazilian athletes are featured in all fourteen of the fights presented.

The Brazilians will battle combatants from Peru, Lithuania, Wales, Ukrane, the United States and France among other participating athletes shipping in from various other counties.

Last week favorites realized a 7-6 mark making chalk 111-56-4 this year or 64.9%.

My release of Over 4.5Rds in the main event between Alex Perez and Mateus Nicolau lost making profitability on the year for this column 10-7 +6.23 units.

Time to get back in the win column!

Alexandre Pantoja -185 vs. Steve Erceg +155 Flyweight (125lbs.) Championship

Last week we witnessed a top ranked Brazilian flyweight get KO’d in the second round of the main event.

This week’s main event features flyweight Brazilian champion Alexandre Pantoja who opened -250 against challenger Steve Erceg from Australia +210. Since opening we have witnessed a tsunami of money being dumped on the challenger who now sits at +155.

Erceg 5’8”, is huge for the weight class but inexperienced as he arrives just 3-0 in UFC competition. He’s earned decision victories against two lower ranked opponents before finishing a porcelain jawed journeyman in Matt Schnell in his most recent bout.

Erceg’s ranked tenth in the division and makes his appearance in this headliner based on situational need as the UFC was left without a dance partner for Pantoja after Manuel Kape the original opponent dropped out.

Erceg is a singularly dimensioned power striker. He displays a 77% rate of take down defense though the foes he’s faced in the UFC and prior offered him only pure striking attacks. We’ve yet to see Erceg compete against any real form of grappler/wrestler in his career to date and that all changes Saturday.

In Pantoja we get a Brazilian mixed martial artist who has had to scratch, scrape and claw is way to the title through elite adversaries and a fighter who in his last five bouts has dominated every elite, skilled threat in the division.

Pantoja trains at Florida’s ATT, a renown gym featuring numerous, skilled fighters with diverse body types and fight weaponry. Competing at ATT allows him to refine his fight arsenal on a daily basis against every form of skilled competition.

Pantoja’s a brilliant grappler supplemented with superior striking aptitude and a depth of experience that’s been developed against the ultimate athletes in the division.

Add to this the fact that he competes in front of his Brazilian compatriots Saturday and we have the recipe for a fighter poised to offer his absolute best effort.

It’s my judgement that Pantoja will need to be guarded and evasive early in this fight. He’ll adhere to a strategy of sapping the Australian slugger of his speed, power and ferocity in the first rounds. From there Pantoja will transition into employing his mobility, diversity and experience to out-manuever Erceg, force him against the cage then eventually ground the overmatched Aussie in order to gain top position and dominate.

Pantoja may have to weather early Erceg striking ferocity, but eventually his speed, skill, depth of experience, and championship pedigree will contribute to allowing Pantoja to display his prowess.

It’s my position that Pantoja was a value at the opening number let alone where he is priced currently.

‘Sneak-Teep’ Official Release

Pantoja -185

Total in this UFC 301 main event is 3.5Rds Over -130.

Vitor Petrino -520 vs. Anthony Smith +400 Light Heavyweight (205lbs.)

Unranked Brazilian athlete Petrino, 11-0 professionally and 4-0 in the UFC will arrive to this fight with the favor of the crowd, tremendous momentum, and the seeming ability to finish opponents based on his previous body of work.

However, scrutinizing his career results leaves me with the impression that Petrino is as bloated a favorite as we have seen in the UFC is several months.

Three of the athletes Petrino has defeated in the UFC are no longer with the organization and the other one is of journeyman caliber.

Sure, Petrino’s shown finishing ability, tremendous explosion, and power but in this one he steps up in class substantially.

Petrino’s advantage is that he is nine years the younger man and competing in his home country but in this tussle against tenth ranked UFC veteran Anthony Smith he will be giving away two inches of height besides a busload of experience and fight aptitude.

Anthony Smith does enter this fight after having lost three of his last four fights but let’s not overlook that those losses were against certified top fifteen caliber players in the division. His victory was against fifteenth ranked Ryan Spann.

Smith, a black belt in BJJ, is also a well-rounded striker who uses all four appendages to apply pressure upon opponents, he can wrestle, grapple and compete wherever this fight transitions to and he arrives in Rio feeling disrespected. Here is another case where I believe a fighter is poised to put up a very polished performance.

This line seems completely out of whack so with that said, I will step out and make a nominal investment on Smith based on principle.

Smith .25u to earn 1.0u

Total in this fight 1.5Rds. Over -165

Over -165

This line does not accurately reflect Smith’s fight ability as I look for this one to go to the judges.

Friday mid-day PST the GambLou ‘Bout Business Podcast drops. Access it at

Thank you for reading and enjoy the fights!

UFC LV91 Nicolau vs. Perez: Apoco’Lipski

UFC 300 was an epic fight card where results furthered the dominance favorites are enjoying in 2024. Chalk realized a 10-2-1 result pushing favorites to 104-50-4 or 67.5%.

Investing in UFC underdogs must be undertaken with an elevated level of due diligence as well a good deal of intestinal fortitude.

Digital results this year have been positive despite dropping the parlay of Jailin Turner paired to Rose Namajunas (-1.04u) because I earned most of that back with a single unit victory in Bobby Green’s (-180) domination over Jim Miller.

2024 digital results: 10-6 +7.23u (+132)

The UFC offers thirteen bouts on this week’s LV 91 card which will be held at its APEX Center. There will be few fans watching combatants fight in the close confines of that venue which employs the twenty-five-foot cage.

Matheus Nicolau -185 vs. Alex Perez +155 Flyweight (125lbs.) Main event

We last saw eighth ranked Perez fight eight weeks ago when he lost a close decision to seventh ranked Muhamad Mokaev after not competing in the cage for some two years.

Perez is a well-rounded mixed martial artist who has dealt with inconsistency in the octagon because he’s been unable to compete without enduring long layoffs between bouts.

Perez has a well-founded wrestling base, solid BJJ and being of Mexican descent, it is understood that he is durable and has effective boxing.

In this opportunity he turns around quickly, which I believe to be foundational to the outcome of this main event.

Brazilian Nicolau is the fifth ranked fighter in the division. He enters this battle after being decimated by Brandon Royval in his last fight. However, prior to that setback he ran off six straight victories against top ranked flyweight competition.

A black belt in BJJ, Nicolau is fleet afoot, has superior ground acumen and is capable on his feet though he accrues damage via volume as opposed to possessing one strike KO power.

Nicolau’s been the more consistent fighter as he’s fought three times in the last two years while Perez has only battled once in that same period.

Total in this fight is 4.5Rds Under -145

This should be a competitive striking battle that ends via decision and for that reason I will invest in the total.

Over 4.5 Rounds +125

Karine Silva -150 vs. Ariane Lipski +125 woman’s flyweight (125lbs.)

In this battle of Brazil, Silva opened as the ever so slight favorite -115 to Lipski’s -105 with the total set at 2.5Rds. Under -115.

Lipski ranked twelfth lost to an underwhelming Pricilla Cachioera in 2022 before rolling through three straight foes while clearly improving with each straight victory.

Her last win against Casey O’Neill earned her a spot in the rankings and pronounced Lipski as a bone fide contender as opposed to a gatekeeper for the top twenty of the division.

Lipski has eleven UFC bouts under her belt. With a black belt in Muay Thai and a purple belt in BJJ, she is capable on the floor but quite dangerous on the feet especially from distance where she can launch damaging leg strikes.

Silva enters this fight as the thirteenth ranked athlete in the division and one who has ascended the ranks in far more efficient fashion than Lipski.

Silva’s more compact in body tyle than is Lipski and she carries more aptitude on the mat. Though she’s not highly decorated in any specialty her ground game and wrestling prowess are advanced and her aggression, forward pressure and striking power from the pocket are pronounced.

In this bout we will witness Lipski attempt to maintain striking distance to flush Silva on the face as she enters to engage.

It will be Silva’s plan to punish Lipski from inside the pocket after pressing her against the fence to eliminate her space and ability to distance herself.

This fight will be an action-packed striking affair only as long as it remains on the feet before Silva gains inside position then drags the less versed grappler to the floor.

Should Lipski be able to strike in space she’s liable to accrue damage on Silva over time. However, should Silva be able to make this fight dirty, grimy and waged inside a phone booth which is surely the plan, then her forced determination and heavy top control are liable to  overwhelm Lipski who is well better at dolling out damage from the feet than taking it with her back on the canvas.

Lipski after opening -105 evolved to -140 until savvy bettors realized great opportunity and pounced on Silva making her the current favorite where I believe she will close.

I lean to Silva here in another fight that more than likely goes to the judges to be decided.

In each of the two heavyweight battles on this card both underdogs have taken money.

Austen Lane opened +255 in his fight against Jhonata Diniz and is now priced +200 while Caio Machado opened a +145 underdog to Don’Tale Mayes. Machado has been bet into the favorite and is currently lined -115.

Both bouts should be exciting with huge men in confined space.

Friday mid-day PST the GambLou ‘Bout Business Podcast drops. Catch the podcast at

Thank you for reading and enjoy the hostilities!


It’s Business!

The business of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Puck Passion: It’s Business!

All but two matchups for the 2024 Stanley Cup Tournament have been set and the final two teams awaiting their playoff foes, The Los Angeles Kings and the Vegas Golden Knights will have their adversaries decided Thursday evening after each plays their final game of the season.

Those interested in deriving profit from the Passion that is Playoff Puck please hit the ‘NHL’ tab at the top of the webpage for specific membership information.

I’ll have Future positions for the Cup, Series investments as well as Round 1 and game by game positions posted Saturday morning for members.

Daily game positions are posted by 20 minutes prior to puck drop …I post then to ensure goaltending matchups and because the price for underdog positions is at its apex right before they drop the frozen rubber.

Don’t delay, get your membership now to ensure you have access to this most outstanding bracketed tournament.

2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs results:   55-47 +25.20u +29% ROI (+131)

Questions or issues please reach out

UFC 300 Periera vs. Hill: Anything but silent….Hill

The Monster fight card that is UFC 300 is upon us!

Thirteen matchups comprised with twelve athletes that are current champions or former champions. Each fighter on this card is worthy of headlining any Fight Night or PPV. In this case, we get the benefit of a whole slate of elite matchups.

Last week at UFC90 Chepe Mariscal who was released +105 earned a close decision win that in all honesty I had scored for his opponent.

In the UFC, fights going to the judge’s scorecards become very risky business as the criteria for judging fights has recently been tweaked to take into consideration ‘damage’ over ‘control.’

Compounding matters is the stringent inconsistency by which these decisions have been ruled under the ‘supposed’ new guidelines. At the end of the day, there will be results that are going to be rendered as difficult to understand, some even impossible to figure.

Such is the fight game when it comes to judging.

Heading into this epic UFC 300 fight slate digital results including that Chepe win stand 9-5 +7.27.

Last week’s second release, the first leg of a parlay involving Alex Morono -295 was a winner. He is paired with Jailin Turner -215 who fights in this event. The parlay placed last week returns 1 full unit on an investment of 1.04 units.

Let’s look at a handful of bouts.

Alex Pereira -130 vs. Jamahal Hill +110 Light Heavyweight (205lbs.) Championship

Hill, a brown belt in BJJ is the former champion who vacated the belt because of an Achilles injury suffered last July.

He is a deft boxer/striker with great movement and substantial power, but he is singularly dimensioned and has come into this fight with an abbreviated fight camp choosing to take advantage of being a headliner for this event at the request of the UFC who was struggling to find a banner main event matchup.

Pereira, the current champion, is also a brown belt in BJJ but under the instruction of a more renown Jui-Jitsu head, he is also a black belt in kickboxing where he is regarded as an ultra-elite, world class talent based on his body of work.

Pereira’s utilizes a formidable leg kick attack that immediately compromises opponents then when the adversary’s mobility is compromised, he moves in to inflict harm.

Hill’s decision to take this short notice five round championship off an Achilles injury that was incurred under a year ago coupled with Pereira being the more versed mixed martial artist and the more refined striker makes Pereira a bargain at current pricing.

Total in this fight 1.5 Rds. Over -175

Zhang Weili -485 vs. Yan Xiaonan +375 Woman’s strawweight Title

Yan was the first woman signed to the UFC from China. She is primarily a striker who has recently been awarded a blue belt in BJJ.

Yan’s primarily a boxer who is just becoming more comfortable wrestling at thirty-six years of age. She will be the slightly taller fighter in this bout but her level of competition pales in comparison to her Chinese adversary Weili.

Weili, the current champion is a brown belt in BJJ, a structured wrestler and a profusely powerful striker/kicker who is extremely focused on forcing aggression directly to opponents.

Zhang’s faced and defeated the elite of the division and is currently on her second stint as titleholder. Her five-round experience against a far superior level of competition, her more complete, diverse fighting arsenal and her innate power qualify her a deserving, heavy favorite in these five round championship bouts.

Total in this fight 3.5Rds. Over -150

Justin Gaethje -175 vs. Max Holloway +145 (155lbs.) BMF Championship

Gaethje defends the BMF belt he earned when he head kick KO’d Dustin Poirier last July.

Gaethje is a former D1 college wrestler who possesses fight finishing striking power. He utilizes numbing low leg kicks and is as forward pressing and aggressive a fighter as can be found on the whole of the UFC roster.

Gaethje has competed against the class of the division and since 2019 has only had setbacks against Charles Oliveira and Khabib Nurmagomedov both world class grappling/wrestling talents which Holloway is not.

On the Feet Gaethje is a chainsaw.

His opponent Max Holloway is the former champion at the 145lb. division. Holloway wandered up to lightweight five years ago to face the aforementioned Poirier only to undertake an absolute beating in that bout.

It is my position and Holloway’s, that he took that fight without the necessary due diligence required to compete at the 155lb. division.

For this bout Holloway’s eight months to adapt his already structured frame to lightweight as opposed to the three plus months he took previously for this challenge force me to regard him very seriously though it is quite possible his best days have left him.

Holloway is a fluid moving striker who accrues damage over time and with volume for he has little pure punching power. He chooses to sharpshoot opponents with matriculated precision striking and brilliant counters.

From the opening bell, it will be Gaethje who will apply an aggressive forward attack to feast while Holloway must use footwork/movement to maintain distance in his effort to piece up Gaethje with precision, volume fists, kicks, and elbows. The thirty-foot cage is an asset to Holloway.

This fight will be a stylistic masterpiece.

Total in this battle 3.5Rds. Over -165

Jailin Turner -240 vs. Renato Moicano +185 Lightweight (155lbs.)

Brazilian athlete Moicano is a black belt in both BJJ and Muay Thai striking. He is long, lean and can hold his own while fights are waged on the feet. Moicano is lethal in his grappling and his ability to dominate adversaries on the ground, which is his forte.

At thirty-four and after a couple of recent wins, Moicano has become highly marketable in the organization. The fighter has learned English and parlayed it with a heavy dose of trash talking. His newly founded effervescent personality coupled with recent favorable matchups have jettisoned him up the ranks of the division to his current rank of thirteen.

Turner, the tenth ranked athlete in the division is the man who will stand at the opposite end of the octagon from Moicano.

Turner will be the larger athlete in the cage holding a 4-inch advantage in height as well arm/leg reach. He is also six years younger.

Turner is 6-2 in the division since 202 with losses only to ninth ranked Dan Hooker and fourth ranked Mateuz Gamrot who is a chain wrestling machine.

It was that loss experience against Gamrot, a bout Turner took on just a few days’ notice that provides the foundation for my confidence in the handicap for this fight.

Turner will appear to be fighting at a higher weight class when the bell for this fight chimes. His height, length, larger frame, and his take down defense together will allow him to thwart the incoming grappling advances of Moicano.

To be competitive in this fight, Moicano must advance forward to engage. In a larger cage against a much younger, larger more adroit man this is a prescription for damage.

Turner is an ascending athlete in the division, and he is facing a scrapper in Moicano who is made for him when size, age and fighting style are handicapped.

Turner is currently -240 yet because of the parlay applied last week with Morono, digital readers hold Turner at the advantageous price of -104.

*Turner -1.04u to earn 1.0u

Total in this fight: 1.5 Pick-em.

*Those unable to realize the parlay prescribed in last week’s column may consider Turner ‘to win via Finish’ -165 which is available at DraftKings Sportsbook under the tab ‘Winning Method’.

Bobby Green -175 vs. Jim Miller +145 Lightweight (155lbs.)

In July 2009 at UFC 100 Jim Miller defeated Mac Danzig via decision. In July 2016 Jim defeated Takanori Gomi via finish in round one.

Now for UFC 300 the forty-year-old Miller takes on Bobby ‘King’ Green.

Miller 26-16-1 in UFC competition is a well-rounded mixed martial artist who has seen everything the fight game can offer throughout his storied career.

In this fight he finally gets a chance to face an athlete’s he has been scheduled to face three times prior with each of those bouts being cancelled for one reason or another.

Green is no spring chicken himself at thirty-seven, but he is one of few UFC fighters who was competing professionally when Miller competed in UFC 100.

Now these two cagey UFC veterans finally get their chance to ‘get it on.’

Unfortunately for Miller, Green is three years younger, he is the well more athletic combatant and he is a most under rated wrestler though he rarely utilizes his skilled wrestling in fights.

On the feet Green is a slick customer who moves with grace and fluidity. He is an expert counter striker who can damage opponents from any angle moving forward, backward, or laterally and he carries power in the quickness of his strikes.

The knock on Green used to be his lack of preparedness and commitment for bouts but on this stage and with Green coming in off a KO loss against Jailin Turner it is my handicap that Green will overwhelm Miller Saturday.

Bobby Green is simply too fast, too precise with his striking and too athletic for Jim Miller at this stage of Miller’s career.

Green opened -210 for this fight so I will gladly take the discount.

Green 1.80u to earn 1.0u

Total in this fight: 2.5Rds. Over -145

My ‘Bout Business Podcast has six releases lined up for UFC 300 with a few more to be dished after weigh-ins Friday. Catch the podcast only at

Thank you for reading and enjoy this epic fight card.


It’s Business!

2024 NHL Stanley Cup Tournament: The Passion of Playoff Puck!


The NHL is down to a handful of regular season games. Playoff teams are becoming clear for this bracketed tournament.

Open ice becomes so rare in the playoffs. Teams that effect execute a highly defensive brand of playoff puck advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs while teams that have become used to open ice and three-on-three overtime set-ups are soon sent packing. 

Executing a brand of hockey that emanates ‘from the goal out’ is mandatory for success in the Stanley Cup Playoff Tournament.

Last year realized obtuse profitability in the Stanley Cup Playoffs along with the many puckheads that followed the daily advice which was then available on Instagram. While last year is no indicator of what may happen this year, I will say that I have been investing in this Tournament for over forty years having realized success in damn near each tournament.

Interested hockey investors must understand that I am now months into preparation for this year’s 2024 Stanley Cup and carry the same passion entering this Tournament as do the players participating in it.

The only place investors may access my positions for the 2024 Stanley Cup Tournament will be right here on the webpage. 

Last year’s results are available below.

2023 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff results: 55-46; +25.20units; 29% ROI

For more information on how to access NHL Stanley Cup Playoff releases, please hit the ‘NHL’ tab at the top of this webpage.

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UFC FN Atlantic City: Blanchfield vs. Fiorot: Last Manon Standing

Favorites roared back to 65% on the year after n 11-2 result in last week’s UFC LV89.

My releases of Justin Tafa +150 and Rose Namajunas in the second leg of a two-fighter parlay split resulting in a 1-1 + .57 profit for the week. That makes digital profitability in 2024 6-5 +3.52u which displays an average win of +143.

Realizing profitability when committed to remaining on the underdog side of UFC results can be challenging which is why I remain ultra-selective with my releases on this platform. It takes little to ‘pick them all’ and the result of that erodes win percentages, gross profit and return on investment which are my sole concerns for this column and why I do not undertake that pursuit.

Into this UFC FN Atlantic City, we march where fighters compete in the larger thirty-foot octagon. Featured on this card are nine area athletes looking to harness the momentum of the home crowd to earn victory and propel their careers.

Erin Blanchfield -185 vs. Manon Fiorot +155 women’s flyweight (125lbs.) main event

We last witnessed third ranked Swedish athlete Manon Fiorot defeat debuting flyweight and former strawweight champion Rose Namajunas last September.

In that three-round affair, Fiorot displayed extreme durability coupled with aggressive power striking/kicking in earning a razor close nod.

The striking Swede realizes a +2.7 significant strikes landed per round as well exhibits 91% take down defense thus far in her career. While she does remain singularly centered upon slugging her durability, toughness and UFC experience make her a justified top five fighter in the division.

In second ranked Blanchfield we have an athlete that is ten years younger than Fiorot which the numbers say provides a 67% advantage historically.

Besides her youth Blanchfield is decorated with a black belt in BJJ and she has ascended the ranks of the division by dominating each challenge she has faced.

Blanchfield steps up in class of opponent for this fight certainly but her well rounded fight arsenal, youth, and the fact that she is competing in her own back yard against a European athlete that is travelling in all spell advantage for the twenty-four-year-old Jersy product.

This fight opened a dead pick-em but by Tuesday of fight week (today) Blanchfield’s been steamed to the current -198 based on the advantages spelled out above.

Though Fiorot has faced a more accomplished level of UFC opponent, the fact remains that this is her first headline event as well five round fight. In her last bout against Namajunas Fiorot slowed substantially in the third round against Namajunas who was making her debut in the division.

In Blanchfield she will face the more versed mixed martial arts athlete that is not only ten plus years younger but one that has already experienced the distractions and pressure of headlining a UFC card.

Though early in the week I believe it is too late to jump on the Blanchfield train now even though I handicap her to be fairly priced. Instead, the advantages lie in the total for this bout which opened 4.5 pick-em and now stand 4.5 Over -135.

This fight will be keenly contested. I handicap Blanchfield’s youth and well-rounded pedigree as well the fact that she is the more conditioned fighter fighting in front of a home crowd to in unison create enough advantage here for her to slay this Swedish threat though I judge that it takes her all five rounds.

Blanchfield/Fiorot Over -135

1.0u to earn .74u

Vicente Luque -120 vs. Joaquin Buckley +100 Welterweight (170lbs.) co main event

Buckley is an unranked mixed martial artist who has a modest wrestling background but is a profusely powerful puncher. He is physically compact and extremely explosive relying on bludgeoning hooks, crosses, and elbows to render opponents’ unconscious.

17-6 professionally and 7-4 in the UFC, Buckley lands slightly more significant strikes per round than he absorbs, sports average take down defense which he should not have to employ in this predicted standup war and he averages 1.51 takedowns per fifteen minutes of fight time which he will not undertake unless he gets stung.

He unrelentingly presses forward and wastes little time attempting to engage opponents in order to compete in a good old fashioned ‘turn your lights out’ throwdown.

In Brazilian and eleventh ranked Vicente Luque we have another relentless warrior raised in the New Jersey area, so he will have family in attendance and will be backed by the crowd.

Decorated with black belts in Luta Livre Esportiva and BJJ, Luque is the more well-rounded mixed martial artist of these two. He hurls a high rate of power punches in all his battles while being more than willing to receive a shot on the schnoz in order to deliver one.

Once the bell rings for this confrontation fans will be treated to a couple of alpha males looking to immediately ring the other up to earn an impressive and quick victory.

I expect there will be little feeling out in this fight by Buckley who will want to stand firm and hurl.

Luque must, in my judgment use tactic in this fight and employ a diversity of attack to sap the slugger from St. Louis of his explosiveness. Patience will be Luque’s ally as he may extol his best damage after his barrel bodied aggressor begins to swell up and slow down. The question is, can he remain focused on utilizing patience?

This issue with planned tactic for either of these men is that they rarely employ it choosing instead to engage in war and finish their opponent.

In this bout, the experienced laden Luque who has battled the more accomplished level of opponent must remain premeditated and on plan to manage this fight past the first five minutes of competition.

Once into the second round, provided this fight arrives there, Luque may be the faster more damaging power puncher of the two.

Luque opened as a -160 favorite in this fight and early money on Buckley has compressed the price down to the current -110.

Buckley’s lure is based on his explosiveness, the belief that Luque is older than he is as well UFC investors are aware that Luque’s experience also translates into attrition for he has been in several debilitating duels.

Total in this fight is lined 2.5Rds Under -165 after opening Under -135.

Few, including myself, expect this bout to go to a decision.

Lupita Godinez-200 vs. Virna Jandiroba +170 women’s strawweight (115lbs.)

Mexican ‘Loopy’ Godinez, tenth ranked in the division displays all the pride, durability, and determination of the Mexican fighter. Her MMA game has drastically improved since she began training with flyweight champion Alexa Grasso at Lobo gym in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

A purple belt in BJJ the undersized Godinez displays complete willingness to engage in the stand-up wars Mexican boxers are renown. She is also apt at the takedown and has been effective stopping take down advances from opponents though in this fight that ability will surely be tested.

Brazilian Virna Jandiroba is decorated with a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a green/white prajied in Muay Thai.

Seventh ranked Jandiroba will be the taller, larger female in the cage Saturday. She has competed against a level of competition more accomplished than has her opponent.

In this battle of Mexico vs. Brazil we will witness a couple of females fighting to break into the elite of the division. Lined 2.5 rounds with the over -270 this fight has all the makings of being a razor close decision.

At the end of the day Jandiroba’s size, her level of competition faced, and her ground abilities all signify to me the verification that she is the athlete with the more complete skills. ‘Though an underdog I handicap Jandiroba to be the sleeper of this fight card.

Jandiroba +170 .60u to earn 1.02u

Jandiroba via decision price is not yet available but it will be a strong consideration.

The GambLou ‘Bout Business Podcast drops Friday around Noon PT. Look for all my final releases at

Enjoy the fights and Thank you for reading.


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NHL Stanley Cup Tournament: Passion Season approaches


The NHL is down to the last games of the regular season and playoff races are taking shape.

Lost by most is how different hockey is between its regular season and the playoffs. This is why I rarely invest in regular season games.

Open ice becomes rare in the playoffs, the players play much more defensively and the game transitions to a game of complete defensive mentality. This year will be no different.

Last year all of my releases were posted publicly on Instagram and I realized great profitability along with the puckheads that followed my advice.

This will be the only location to obtain my NHL Stanley Cup Playoff releases. Last year’s results?

2023 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff results: 55-46; +25.20units; 29% ROI

For more information on how to access my NHL Stanley Cup Playoff releases, please hit the ‘NHL’ tab at the top of this webpage.

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